Parents: Man accused of killing bicyclist had mental illness

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — The parents of a Florida man accused of intentionally running over and killing a cyclist out for a family bike ride said Monday their son has struggled for years with profound mental illness.

Tampa Police said Mikese Morse, a 30-year-old former Olympic track and field hopeful, “purposely drove off the road” Sunday afternoon, cutting across traffic and over a grass easement, killing 42-year-old Pedro Aguerreberry. One of two sons out for the ride with their father was seriously injured.

Michael and Khadeeja Morse said their son was in the throes of a psychotic break. They also said they are devastated after trying to help him for years.

“The system failed us, they failed our child, they failed this family. We’ve tried everything, this should have never happened, and now our child is also affected and he’s hurt someone else’s family,” said Khadeeja Morse, crying. “He was a good child with a mental health issue that we tried to get addressed.”

Mikese Morse appeared visibly angry and increasingly incoherent in videos posted Sunday morning on Instagram. They show him talking about acting in the name of the Lord while walking around a Walmart store. One video ends, “I’m going to kill somebody tonight right now.”