Ohio electors deliver 18 votes to president-elect

COLUMBUS — All 18 of Ohio’s Electoral College members voted Monday for Republican Donald Trump despite opposition by protesters outside the state capitol building.

The vote occurred after Republican Gov. John Kasich, a Trump detractor, was compelled to appear in the Ohio Statehouse’s Senate chambers to play an official role in the replacement of an elector. Kasich had declined to endorse or vote for Trump after dropping his own presidential bid. He chose to deliver a message of unity when addressing electors.

Kasich picked up on a line in the event’s opening prayer in urging the body to support President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who won the vote count in the state Nov. 8.

“It’s not (that) we’re asking God to be on our side. It’s our responsibility to be on his,” he said. “That means that we are together, that means that we want connection, we want neighbors, we want unity, we want love.

“And we recognize the very strength of our country is encapsulated in those virtues, and values of the two gentlemen I talked about today.”