TWIB — Spring brings poorer scores and a bowling contest for you

When I was romping through the hallways in high school there were two times of the year that were going to be predictable. At least as far as my grades were concerned, that is. Back in the day my school had six-week grading periods. It was a given that I would NOT be on the honor roll for the first or the last of those grading periods.

I’m not really sure why that was, though I have some thoughts on the subject. I was simply not ready to study at the beginning of the year. Summer vacation was still on my mind and it took me a while to get into a groove. By the last grading period I was ready for the next vacation and once again my performance dropped. You will have to take my word for it that I did make the honors list in the middle four time frames!

It seems that something similar occurred during the league bowling season. I started slowly each year; throwing a bowling ball seemed so strange. Then I got going — well, for me, anyway — before the last month of the season saw that predictable drop in my bowling average.

Maybe I was looking forward to golf season. Maybe I just lost focus, at least what little I had to begin with. Whatever the case, spring always brought lower scores for me. If you are struggling with your game right now — if it helps — you can blame me.

As I perused some bowling scores the last few weeks, I noticed that not everyone drops off as the season winds down. Last week I wrote about Scott Hartsel’s 811 series. The week before I chronicled Samantha Wiley’s big 733 effort. As I checked scores for this week, I saw some more stellar efforts.

Samantha Wiley was at it again in the Rocket League as she led all scorers with a 664 series. She topped her dad in the Wednesday Morning League with that 733, but she could not beat her mom in the same league this week. Beth Jones fashioned a nice 650 series to catch my attention.

The score that really made me shake my head was a perfect game. I’m not sure how one throws 12 straight strikes at any time of the year. To do so this late in the season is pretty impressive.

The kegler who threw the perfecto was Rich Yates Jr. He took a lot of ribbing when Scott Hartsel bested him a few weeks ago. Of course I had to put that in print! Just to let all of us know that he can hurl the rock; Richie shot his 300 as part of a 782 series this past Wednesday morning.

Nice shooting, Richie! I will not mention that you were still some 29 pins short of Scott …

An email hit my computer recently telling me about a contest any interested person could enter that had to do with bowling. Sponsored by Barbasol, the contest winner will receive some interesting prizes with the most fascinating being a 15-minute video call with a current PBA Professional Bowler. In addition the grand prize winner gets an autographed bowling pin, a replica PBA jersey customized with your name and a Barbasol prize pack.

There is a bit of a drawback as Barbasol will choose which PBA bowler you get to chat with and though they will try to accommodate your schedule, that may not happen and the call could be canceled. Still, if you are interested, the deadline to enter is May 14.

I have chosen not to enter the contest for a variety of reasons. First of all, what if the pro bowler wanted to talk to me about bowling!?! Perhaps the phrase “it’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt” comes into play here. What would I say to a PBA bowler?

Secondly the pin would be cool, but I’m not sure they could find a jersey big enough to fit my… NAME! Come on people, where did you think I was going with that one?

Perhaps the main reason for not entering is that if I win a Barbasol prize pack I might have to shave a lot more often than I want to.

Wednesday Morning: Rich Yates Jr. 782 (300), Beth Jones 650, Mark Phillips 626, Aaron Sherman 618, David Jones 617, Samantha Wiley 582, Chris Welly 582, Dianne Smith 560.

55 Plus: Bob Cleveland 647, Jerry Gillig 586, Paul Gosche 557, Rick Hanna 549, John Ferstler 531, Bob Reinhart 497, Dick Gabel 487, Jim Ruess 487, Jim Donaldson 485, Dave Everhart 461, Ken Jones 458 and Jim Ferstler 440.

Rocket: Samantha Wiley 664, David Jones 633, Tom Tiell 609, John Klingshirn 607, Korey Conley 606 and Roger Coppus 590.

Imperial-Majorette-Sportsman: Ben Hoyda 685, Shawn Fitch 685, Greg Tiell 676, Jim Mason 666, Rich Yates Jr. 666, Rich Yates Sr. 653, Eric Smith 642, Steve Steinmetz Jr. 615, Jim Lord 615, Jeremy Haar 610, Deb Nominee 500, Miriam Fankhauser 475, Mary Ruggiero 471, Linda Brookes 436 and Phyllis Hyde 402.

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