Picking the right name on the fantasy wire

The other night in the news room, I asked John Montgomery to share with me some names and stats so I could add them into a roundup we were doing on that night’s action.

“Makayla, common spelling,” he said.

“Really, John,” I retorted.

Common spelling? Which common spelling should we use?

Makayla? Mekayla? MaKayla? Mykala? McKayla? Mikayla? Michaela? And that’s just the few I can think off the top of my head.

I like the name Makayla. It’s a fine name. But I want to know the story behind all the variations.

I visited with my good friend Josh Tuesday night and met for the first time, his newborn son Luke Donovan.

Josh has a great story behind his son’s name.

One, Josh is a nurse and has a heart for helping people. He’s also a man of God and so Luke, who was a physician in the Bible and an author of one of the four Gospels, is an appropriate name for his son.

Donovan comes from one of Josh’s best friends, who recently died, but not before getting to hold his namesake.

That’s a great story.

My wife and I had an agreement before we had our daughter. We agreed that if it was a girl, she got naming rights and if it was a boy, I got naming rights. We each had veto power.

Hope Elizabeth’s name comes from the hope we had as a couple that after two miscarriages, God was going to bless us with a child.

Elizabeth comes from the name of a dear elderly lady from the church my wife used to be a youth pastor at. She’s served as a spiritual mentor and encouragement to my wife during her years at that church.

When I was growing up, every one of my fish were named Michael because my favorite uncle was Michael and it was my middle name.

I’ve never understood the variations on names. And the idea of a common spelling is going out the window.

My mother tutored two kids in Alabama: Gre-Nagello and Oran-Gello. Yes, it’s Green Jello and Orange Jello.

One of our reporters was told that the punctuation in the kid’s name was “not silent.”

How about these doozies from 2012: Espn, Yoga, Donathan and my personal favorite, Burger. I can only hope the middle name was Time or Cheese.

We often joke in the newsroom that we’re not far away from the days of the following exchange.

“Aaron Smith with a 78,” said the coach.

“Can you spell that?” asks the reporter.

“Yes, it’s A-i-r-#-8-o-q-n. The Q is silent,” the coach replied.

You may laugh but when you think about it, are we really that far away from that?

Whatever happened to names meaning something?

Whatever happened to letting our kids be unique on their own rather than starting them off in the world with a unique name.

Let your kids make a name for themselves rather than your kids being known for their name.

On that note, let’s talk about some of the names that are popular on the fantasy football waiver wire this week and if they are worthy of having a spot on your roster.

One of the hot pickups this week is a name that’s very familiar in these parts: Nate Washington. The Tiffin University product has had a couple of hot weeks with 12 catches, 136 yards and two touchdowns.

For all the hype that Kendall Wright had before the season as the Titans receiver you want to own, the stats through a quarter of the season don’t support that theory. Both have 30 targets this year, but Washington has one more touchdown and 140 more yards despite having one less catch. Washington is definitely into flex territory at this point probably threatening WR2 status on a fantasy team.

Another hot pickup this week is Rashad Jennings. Owners of Maurice Jones-Drew last year are very familiar with that name and also very familiar with his lack of production in MJD’s absence.

Now he’s in Oakland and filling in, for now, for Darren McFadden. He had solid week last week with 116 total yards on 23 touches. He’s got a favorable matchup this week with San Diego, but really shouldn’t be relied on beyond that as McFadden should return and the Raiders face Kansas City the following week.

We’re not out of the Woods yet though. Name me the Bills top receiver right now?

If you answered Steve Johnson, you are wrong. Robert Woods is quietly getting more snaps than Johnson, and producing. Last week, he was a foot away from a two-TD game and still finished with four catches for 80 yards. He’s not worth rostering yet unless you’re in a deep league but keep an eye on him.

Sure the Steelers are 0-4 but they finally have a running back.

Le’Veon Bell returned from a season-long injury to make his NFL debut last week and didn’t disappoint with two touchdowns. His rushing numbers were not spectacular (16 for 57) but he had another four catches for 27 yards. I don’t see a time share going forward and the Steelers don’t have a lot of weapons offensively. It’s important that he’s involved in the passing game because if the first four games are any indication, the Steelers are going to behind a lot this year. Definitely rosterable at this point.

A name lost and dropped after the season started was Kenbrell Thompkins, who in the last two weeks has been kicking the owners who hastily dropped him after the first two unproductive weeks. In the last two weeks, Thompkins has scored three times and amassed 168 yards. Yes, Gronk is still out and so is Danny Amendola but even when those two are healthy, Thompkins should still produce.

Those are the names to watch this week, regardless of how they’re spelled.

Aaron Korte is the A-T’s fantasy football writer.

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