Picking someone to finally fill out that fantasy golf foursome

When my daughter was home for Christmas last year she told me a golf story. It had me thinking about how cool it would be for me to be in the group she was talking about. I mean it would be a dream round of golf.

Before I pass on to you the story she told me, I’ll ask you a question. If you could pick three other people to play a round of golf with, who would you choose? Is your mind working overtime or did you instantly think of three good friends who you play with regularly?

I would have no problem with you choosing close friends. I might do that myself, although choosing only three would be difficult. I once had a friend propose the following situation. He suggested that I had hit the lottery and was going to use a chunk of the money to take some friends to Pebble Beach to play golf for a week.

He went on to say I could take two foursomes so I would have to pick seven guys to go with me. He wanted to know who I was going to take. The task proved to be difficult because I would have preferred to take at least four foursomes.

In this case you are to pick three people to fill out your dream foursome. Rather than names, let’s just talk about the kind of person you would want. Here are some choices and my take on each.

A talker versus a mime. Who wants to play a round of golf without talking? Now, if I can’t get a word in edgewise, I might change my mind, but part of the fun of participating in any game is swapping stories with your playing partners.

Serious Sam versus Carefree Carl. I’ll take the guy that wants to play well – not better than me necessarily – as opposed to the fellow that is out there just to be occupying space. Golfers tend to play to the level of their competition and I do want to score each time I play.

Quick Draw McGraw versus Mr. Deliberate. This one is a no brainer. Rounds of golf that last five hours are no fun. My foursome should be ready to hit when their turn comes around. You don’t need to take five minutes to line up that 5-foot putt. I’ve seen you putt. Taking more time will not help your stroke.

We have now narrowed down our list of suspects or at least I have. I want a good, quick golfer who will spin a yarn to be in my foursome. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless.

All right, let’s get back to my daughter’s story. Ashley attended baseball’s winter meetings this past December in Nashville, Tenn. She had the opportunity to hear George Brett speak and it was he that related the golf story.

It seems that the former Kansas City Royals third baseman and Hall of Famer was in Cooperstown a few years ago on induction weekend. It is commonplace for Hall members to reunite each year. Mr. Brett mentioned that he had the opportunity to play a round of golf and his playing partners were former New York Yankee catcher Yogi Berra and actor/golf fanatic Bill Murray.

Can you imagine being the fourth guy in this group? I would love to play a round of golf with George Brett and talk baseball the whole time. I would also love to play a round of golf with Bill Murray. I WOULD be a mime if that happened. I would let him do all the talking. I would just listen and laugh.

Mr. Murray is part of the ownership group (check out their website and you will see that he is listed as the Director of Fun) of the Charleston RiverDogs, a Class A affiliate of the New York Yankees. My daughter did her internship with the RiverDogs in the historic South Carolina city and had the opportunity to meet Bill Murray. She also worked a golf outing that he participated in and she said that in person he is the same as he is on TV. You have seen his antics while playing in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. I can only imagine what it would be like to play golf with him.

As for Yogi Berra, what can you say? He is notorious for his one liners and it was one of those comments that George Brett passed on to his audience. It seems that Mr. Berra was facing a 50-foot putt that day. He struck the putt but came up at least 10 feet short. According to Brett, Yogi had this to say after his putt.

“If I had hit it harder, I would have missed it closer.” Seriously, can you visualize listening to Yogi Berra all day on a golf course? It couldn’t possibly get any better than that.

I’m sure you can come up with a dream foursome of your own. I can come up with several, including pairings with my friends. But I will tell you this, if given the chance to play golf with George Brett, Yogi Berra and Bill Murray on a day that I normally would be playing with my buddies, I would have this to say to my friends.

Sorry, guys, but I will see you next week!

Al Stephenson is The Advertiser-Tribune’s golf columnist.

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