Calvert starts new era against Monroeville

Calvert is ready to go.

So is its first-year coach.

Steve Reser — a former Senecas’ player — will make his Calvert coaching debut Saturday against Monroeville.

“It’s hard to contain myself,” Reser said. “The young men are getting to see me in a different light because it’s game week.”

The first challenge of the season will be from the Eagles, who are coming off a 6-4 season.

Reser said he’s impressed with what he’s seen of the Eagles offense.

“I’ll tell you what, Monroeville has some nice football players,” Reser said. “They have some nice size, they have some nice athletes, and they have some good speed.”

Reser said Monroeville runs a version of the wing-T.

“They do a nice job of presenting plenty of issues for us to make sure we’re reading the correct keys and things, from our defensive standpoint,” Reser said. “To run the wing-T and the way they do it, I think it’s a great scheme.”

Monroeville will return quarterback Chayce Schaub, and tailback Dominic Ruffing. Both figure to be keys Saturday.

“They have some good speed at running back, they have a nice receiver, quarterback’s decent and a couple nice-sized linemen,” Reser said.

On defense, the Tigers run a 4-3 box.

“They’re gonna challenge us to throw the ball,” Reser said. “In a seven-man box, we’re gonna attempt to run, but we have to somehow get that extra man out of the box. We need to either hit the edges in the perimeter run game, open up the pass a little bit … we’re gonna do our fair share of running as well, but we have to cater to whatever they’re giving us defensively.”

Calvert will be starting Trent Cooper at quarterback, and returns Austin Jones to the backfield. Jones was an all-Ohioan last season.

But Reser said a number of players will have the chance to shine for the Senecas.

“If they are gonna give us the 4-3 box and make us throw, Trent has a great opportunity to show his game, and he’s a very good player,” Reser said. “So, whether it’s Trent, or Jones, or (Nic) Somodi or Mitch Nielsen, or Nick Seifert, or Aaron Rombach or Nick Krajewski … I guess the point is, we’re pretty steady across the front skill-wise, so we’re gonna take advantage of what they give us.”

Kickoff is at 7 p.m. Saturday at Frost-Kalnow Stadium.