Minnick overmatched by Jordan

COLUMBUS – He never backed down and gave it his best shot, but like every other wrestler this year, Clyde’s Beau Minnick wasn’t able to dethrone St. Paris Graham’s Micah Jordan.

Minnick took on the nation’s No. 2 ranked wrestler in the 145-pound Division II championship match at the state wrestling tournament, but came short of the upset as the undefeated Jordan scored a first round pin.

“Think I had a pretty good career overall and a pretty great season,” Minnick said. “Didn’t end the way that I wanted it to, but it’s still a pretty great career.

“Just a little bittersweet right now.”

Minnick closes out his senior year at Clyde with a 49-3 record. Coach Rob Jennings said Minnick has been model wrestler for the program, and that after the initial sting of the loss wears off, he can appreciate how special a state runner-up finish is.

“I don’t know if there’s a whole lot of adjectives to describe how good of a kid Beau is,” Jennings said. “He’s been a kid that hasn’t ever questioned anything. He’s done everything we’ve ever asked him to, and then goes out and does more. I think that’s shown with everything that he’s been able to accomplish. He’s got some big dreams. Having gone through this process a little bit as a wrestler and as a coach and done this for a long time now, he’s going to look back on this and really appreciate the opportunity that he had.”

“I told him before the match tonight I said regardless of what happens everyone in the arena is going to stand up and cheer when this is over. We win, nobody’s going to believe it and they’re all going to go nuts. And, if we lose, they’re going to go nuts cause he won four titles and he’s earned that right to be in that position to. There’s no shame in going out and battling the No. 1 ranked kid in the country and giving it all you got like Beau absolutely did tonight.”

Jordan got an early jump on Minnick with a takedown 34 seconds into the match. Minnick got an escape point, but Jordan picked up another takedown a minute later. This time there was no escaping and the now 48-0 Jordan got the pin with 16 seconds to go in the round.

“He got in on my legs, just like I figured. I tried and couldn’t fend it off,” Minnick said. “Then he got that 3-quarter nelson on me, cut off my airway and pinned me.”

Jennings said after Saturday night’s experience, Beau might not be the last Minnick to get on the stage.

“He got to go through the parade, he got to warm up on the stage. He’s got a couple little brothers sitting in the stands right now matside tonight that got a chance to see him do this,” Jennings said. “Hopefully that spreads a little bit and those guys get some of their buddies out and they can set their goals to do a little bit better than big brother.”

Minnick plans on continuing his wrestling career in college with Kent State being towards the top of his list of schools

“Still not content, still got a lot more to accomplish in my career,” he said.