Calvert lambastes Mohawk

SYCAMORE – Mike Mathey doesn’t buy 50-50 tickets during his Mohawk boys basketball games.

It wouldn’t have mattered if he had or not Friday night.

His team couldn’t buy a bucket against Calvert as the Senecas raced past Mohawk, 60-36.

“They’re a tough matchup but the main thing is we had trouble putting the ball in the hole. We couldn’t get a basket to go,” Mathey said. “We’re getting good looks. I remember several layups in the first half not dropping and some in the second half not dropping. You run into those nights.”

The Warriors were 13 for 51 from the field and just 8 for 20 from the line.

Meanwhile, Calvert coach Ted Willman should have considered maybe buying a ticket as his club was nearly 50-50 on making its baskets (23 for 48).

“Part of that was we made the extra pass and hit the open guy tonight,” Willman said of the shooting numbers. “We worked a lot on what they do against their zone and how they cover that. Guys were looking for those things and I think that was a big part. Guys that had those open shots, knocked those down tonight.”

Mohawk led 2-0 to open the game but it was quickly erased and by the end of the first quarter with Calvert in control 18-8. The Senecas really put the pedal to the floor in the second quarter, stretching the lead to 35-13 by halftime.

“I thought we came out tonight and played with a little more enthusiasm. I told the guys at halftime that when we’re knocking down the shots, the game is pretty easy,” Willman said. “I thought we did a pretty nice job in the first half, making the extra pass, hitting the open guy. We were knocking shots down, so when you’re doing that, defensively you tend to play a little bit harder and work a little harder, when that’s happening.”

One of the big keys to getting that large margin was rebounding as Calvert held a 25-10 margin on the glass in the first half. The Senecas were effective scoring in transition while keeping their turnovers even with Mohawk.

The Warriors (3-15, 1-6 Midland Athletic League) trimmed the lead by three by the end of the third quarter, 48-29, but the Senecas iced the game at the line in the fourth.

“We focused on practice this week to have a lot of energy from the beginning,” Mathey said. “I felt we came out and we played hard right from the get go. We just have to maintain that for four quarters now.”

Calvert’s Mike Bennett (14) and Austin Perry (11) out-rebounded Mohawk by themselves as the Warriors finished with 24 boards. Calvert (5-11, 4-4) had 44 in the game.

“I thought our post players did a nice job of boxing out. That was one of the keys in the locker room before the game, being able to box and break,” Willman said. “Because sometimes we just want to go get the rebound but we didn’t box first and make contact to make sure and then go get it. I thought tonight our guys did a nice job of boxing, getting the ball and then getting the ball out so we could go in transition.”

Mathey said it’s a battle he’s fought all year.

“We’ve had this battle all year. We’re undersized. I don’t start a guy over 6-0,” Mathey said. “It makes the rebounding tough. They say rebounding is about who wants it more and it truly is, but being 6-2, 6-3 across the board helps somewhat.”

Bennett completed the double-double with 14 points as well. Drew Ritzler led all scorers with 18 points.

Gunnar Johnson paced Mohawk with 10 points and five boards.