Sister act sinks SE

By Tommy Hall

Sports Writer

ATTICA- It wasn’t a true family reunion. There was no sack race, tug-of-war or a distant aunt’s bean dip. But Mohawk’s Adelsperger sisters made Monday’s 60-34 win over Seneca East a family affair.

Julie Adelsperger led the Warriors with 19 points, going 6 of 15 from the field with three 3-pointers. Not far behind was sister Kasey Adelsperger, who chipped in 17 points, shooting 8 of 14 from the field while grabbing five rebounds. Clara Adelsperger joined the fray, leading the team with seven boards.

Brooke Weinandy added 11 points, Ally Weinandy posted seven and Megan Cleveland put up four points while leading the team with seven steals.

“We do run some specials to get the ball to our leading scorers, and have been preaching to keep our schemes consistent,” said Mohawk coach Mike Beck. “The key is taking care of the basketball, and attacking to control turnovers.”

Mohawk implemented its plan of keying in on turnovers at a staggering rate. The Warriors were able to force 34 Seneca East turnovers. Eighteen first half turnovers played a key role in an 18-0 Mohawk run that stretched an 11-8 lead toward the end of the the first period, to a 29-8 lead in the second and a 31-10 halftime score.

“Our turnovers usually average out to 12 a game. Mohawk just showed up to play tonight,” said Seneca East coach Dave Stallings. “Execution is one of those things we didn’t do and that is key. We’ve worked all year to make plays that come together. We stand in the game and pass and wait to see what is going to happen. That can make our offense stagnant and if we pass and stand against a good defense. We can’t hope that something comes up. We need to keep the ball moving against good defenses. If we become stagnant, bad things are going to happen.”

The Tigers remained stagnant in third period and allowed Mohawk to stretch its lead with a 22-8 run.

Seina Adachi led the Tiger’s efforts, putting up 14 points. Brittany Brookes tallied eight points.

There were no secrets held back on who the Warriors were going to be zeroing in on during the contest.

Mohawk went “old school” according to Beck with a lot of man-to-man principals mixed with some zone defense, all geared to slowing the Midland Athletic League’s leading scorer.

“We really wanted to guard Adachi; we wanted to make it as tough on her as possible,” Beck said. “If she put it on the floor, double [team] her, get her to give it up and make it hard for her to get it back. The same thing with Brookes. We knew this team was quick and athletic, so we did some more zone to keep from dribble penetration.”

Keying in on the lead scorers, and being effective with zone coverage paid off for the Warriors as they were able to defensively answer any look Seneca East could conjure up.

“Defensively, (Mohawk) basically did whatever they wanted to,” Stallings said. “It has been said all year that Adachi was our leading scorer, but we don’t run plays for an individual. Our two leading scorers create shots for themselves. Hats off to Mohawk for taking them both away. Defensively, we didn’t take anyone away.”

Mohawk improves to 8-7, 5-3 with the win and looks to keep improving as the Warriors host Ridgemont tonight.

“There were four goals that we set for this year, coming in 7-7 now, our top goal is to be better everyday and we’re definitely seeing that in each of our games,” Beck said.

Seneca East drops to 6-8, 1-5.