Time for 25 things

It’s early October. Lots of things to write about, so let’s do another edition of 25 things.

1. Our box scores focus on offense, so it’s easy to overlook just how good Columbian’s defense has been. Through six weeks of the football season, the Tornadoes only have allowed 70 points. And it’s very possible the biggest non-playoff challenges are behind them.

2. For the record, I had no idea “pejorative” was even a word until Upper Sandusky coach Jake Moyer dropped it Friday night after his team beat Wynford, 26-0.

3. According to Google (I don’t feel like walking to the dictionary), pejorative means “expressing contempt or disapproval.” That probably will be the last time that word ever shows up in my column.

4. MLB teams that aren’t satisfied with winning 90 games in the regular season and change their managers after doing so rarely have to worry about winning 90 games much longer.

5. It bothers me that the Reds fired Dusty Baker. When Baker came to Cincinnati in 2008, the Reds had not made the postseason in 13 years. They’ve won 90 games and made the playoffs in three of the last four years.

6. My best friend texted me today and suggested the Reds hire former Indians and Mariners’ skipper Eric Wedge. I told him that wasn’t funny.

7. Wedge isn’t a horrible manager, and he deserves credit for his candor over his Mariners’ exit. But I’m not sure I could put up with another few years where the phrase “grinding it out” is used four times in every press conference.

8. My prediction is the Reds will hire their pitching coach, Bryan Price, as their manager.

9. Speaking of unfunny personnel moves, former Columbian softball coach Mike Hampp approached me on the sideline and asked me if I’d heard the rumor about the Browns signing Tim Tebow. Now, Mike has a great sense of humor, and he and I would go off on 10-minute pop-culture infused conversations when he’d call in his results. But he wasn’t joking. I just hope it’s not true.

10. If ever there was a Cinderella team, it was the 2013 Cleveland Indians. Somehow they attained things that were never expected. But the clock struck midnight Wednesday, when the carriage ? or in this case, the Indians’ bats ? turned into a pumpkin.

11. So many things broke for the Indians down the stretch that it’s tempting to say next year will be a disappointment. But even if the team loses Ubaldo Jimenez and Scott Kazmir to free agency, it still will be in a better position that it was a year ago.

12. World Series prediction? Tigers and Dodgers. All about pitching.

13. Lakota’s Makayla Dull and Hopewell-Loudon’s Bryce Gorrell are going to state golf meet next week. The two have been so good that I’ve told Aaron Korte (who will cover the event for The A-T) to expect to spend two days in Columbus.

14. Two weeks ago, Brian Hoyer starting at quarterback meant the Browns season was over. Now, Hoyer is out for the season… and the naysayers believe the season is over.

15. Seriously, has anyone gone from scrub to star faster than Hoyer? Two good games and now his injury will turn 2013 into another “what could have been” season for the Browns.

16. Having said that, Hoyer really surprised and impressed me as Cleveland quarterback. His quick decision making and release were fun to watch. It’s a shame he’s out for the year, because now the franchise almost certainly will draft a quarterback in the first round. It probably would have anyway, but now the North Olmsted product will have no chance to stake a claim to the job.

17. The Buccaneers release of quarterback Josh Freeman has some eerie similarities to Bernie Kosar’s release from Cleveland 20 years ago. It’s not the same, though, mainly because for an entire generation of Browns fans, Kosar was the only quarterback it knew. To me, Kosar was the Browns, and watching the team over the next two years never was quite the same.

18. Kosar’s arrest earlier this week for an alleged DUI is so sad (Kosar pleaded not guilty to the charge). People forget how good he was on the field. In 1987, he was probably in the top five of NFL quarterbacks and he only was 24. But an elbow injury in Week 1 of 1988 set in motion a string of events, and with them, the end of the Browns success in that time period.

19. It really is amazing to watch interviews with Kosar when he was younger. He was ridiculously poised and mature for someone so young, and this came across on the field and in media appearances. In recent years, he’s sounded like a totally different person. I don’t know the reasons for that, but I hope the future is brighter for someone who gave me so many thrills as a kid.

20. Listening to Jeff Lynne’s Armchair Theatre. The 1990 album was a rare solo effort for Lynne, and while the album wasn’t as popular as the work Lynne produced for Tom Petty and George Harrison, it’s still worth listening to. Lynne had, and still has, a remarkable knack for creating pleasant-sounding music. And the world always needs more Electric Light Orchestra.

21. The only good thing about the Indians’ season ending? I no longer have to hear the radio commercials where Flo, the peppy Progressive Insurance personality, sings.

22. The Bengals have an impressive football team, but I’m just not sold on Andy Dalton as a Super Bowl quarterback.

23. New Riegel’s volleyball team is 20-0. That’s insane.

24. Nov. 2. That’s when top-ranked Mount Union comes to Heidelberg for a football game. It’s easy to look ahead, but I’m sure HU coach Mike Hallett will not. He won’t let his team, either.

25. Sixty percent through high school football’s regular season. Amazing how fast it all goes.

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