On the Gridiron 10-23

On the Gridiron

Tiffin Little League Football

The AMVETS Browns defeated the VFW Bengals 24-12. LJ Reaves had 63 yards on the ground, 43 yards receiving, one touchdown, four tackles, and two sacks. Nick Jackson recorded 80 yards rushing and five tackles, while Brenton Brown threw for two two-point conversions, ran for 60 yards and two touchdowns. Cole Zimmerman and Will Heineman each caught a conversion pass, and Heineman also had six tackles. Hayden Riley had an interception, and Jimmy Skidmore added five tackles and two sacks.

n The AMVETS Browns became league champions with their 40-18 victory over the Moose Chiefs. LJ Reaves had 40 yards rushing, 70 yards receiving and two touchdowns. Brenton Brown carried the ball for 30 yards, a two-point conversion, a touchdown, and passed the ball for 160 yards, a two-point conversion, and two touchdowns. Nick Jackson added 47 yards on the ground, 35 yards receiving, and two touchdowns. Nathan Hickman recorded five tackles, one blocked punt, a fumble recovery, while Brandon Cox had 45 yards rushing, and Brendon Blott had one interception.

n The AMVETS Browns JV fell to the VFW Bengals JV 10-6. Hayden Carter had 24 yards rushing, four tackles, and one sack for the Browns. Chance Lawrence ran for 20 yards and tallied seven tackles and a sack. Hayden Raitz had 49 yards rushing, 10 tackles and one sack, while Gage Bogner scored the Browns’ only touchdown.

n The AMVETS Browns JV defeated the Moose Chiefs JV 6-0. Chance Lawrence had 55 yards rushing and scored the game’s only touchdown. Hayden Raitz ran for 101 yards, Hayden Carter added 38 yards rushing. Jodin Bell recorded seven tackles, and Trey Reeves had a fumble recovery.