The unexpected from high school football’s Week 1

There are things you expect to see the first week, and things you don’t.

It can be accepted that week one of the high school football season is different than every one that follows it.

For some players, it’s their first time under the bright lights. For the veterans, it may be their first time starting.

You expect to see some dropped passes, some overthrows, some mistakes.

You can also predict that the games will go longer. Some because of penalties, and some because the warm weather can cause players to cramp up.

But no matter how many first weeks you see, plays and results will surprise you. Here are a few from week one.

* Columbian lost its season opener to Clyde. The Fliers are a very good football team, and they have given TC some good games in the past.

But the result was so surprising because TC has been so dominant at home. The Tornadoes hadn’t lost a home contest in Brian Colatruglio’s tenure. They hadn’t lost at Frost-Kalnow Stadium in this decade. Twenty-one straight wins.

And even though you know every streak must come to an end, it’s still surprising. No matter. I’m still probably going to take Columbian in every game the rest of this year.

* Upper Sandusky quarterback Tylor Pritchard is one of the best players in the area. But the senior began Friday’s win over Carey connecting on just two of his first nine passes.

Some of that wasn’t his fault. He made some strong throws that were just dropped by his receivers. By the second half, though, Pritchard looked to be in sync. What impresses me most about him – it’s the first time I’ve seen the QB in person – is how much pocket presence he has. He looked like a college quarterback when he waited for a receiver to come open, and delivered almost every downfield pass with confidence and precision.

The Rams surprised some people last year when they made the playoffs. They probably won’t surprise anyone this year.

* I’d have to go through the archives, but I’d be surprised if there were decades when Carey didn’t attempt 19 passes.

That’s how many throws Blue Devil quarterbacks Matthew Holsinger and Dylan Noon combined to launch in Upper Sandusky Friday.

In the preseason, coach Todd Worst hinted Carey was going to open up the offense more, and Upper Sandusky coach Jake Moyer said he had seen a more spread style from it in the tapes he was given.

But 19 passes?

Noon and Holsinger were fairly proficient, completing 14 of the throws. Holsinger threw a second-half pick six, but overall the passing game was effective.

So, is this the end of the wishbone in Carey?

I doubt it. But Worst is adjusting his team’s style to match his players. That’s what a good coach does.

* Finally, how about Lakota, with 11 less players on its roster than Arcadia, hammering the Redskins with a 38-0 win?

Next week’s game against Gibsonburg should be pretty interesting. A win there might show that the Raiders – with only 24 players – could be a factor in the MAL.