TC to get dose of old school in Anthony Wayne

Columbian’s game at Anthony Wayne tonight isn’t classified as a throwback game, but to hear Tornadoes’ coach Brian Colatruglio talk about it, it might as well be.

Call it ’80s night.

While the Tornadoes prefer to run the ball out of a spread, the Generals prefer a style that the TC coach said was popular the same time the band Tears for Fears was moving up the charts and Mr. T was a non-ironic cultural icon.

“I would say they’re an old-school football team,” Colatruglio said. “They run the wing-T, a real classic wing-T. A lot of motion, a lot of misdirection, trying to make everything look look the same. Play action off of their run game, … it’s something you don’t see a whole lot of anymore.

“Defensively, they play a 5-2, they play a lot of man coverage. When you think back to the mid-to-late ’80s, that’s what everybody was doing. Now everybody else has gone to the spread; all the passing stuff, and these guys have stayed with that system and they run it really well.”

Colatruglio said he’s particularly impressed with Generals’ running back Josh Schwerer and quarterback Jake Reid.

“Quarterback does a really nice job. They don’t throw it a bunch, but when they do, they’ve hit some really big plays in play action. He’s 6-foot-5, he’s a good looking quarterback in the pocket. No. 11, Josh Schwerer, is a guy they’ve really gone to a lot in the run game.”

The TC coach said discipline on defense will be key.

“It’s assignment football,” Colatruglio said. “You have to know where your assignments are and where you’re supposed to be looking. All the motion, all the misdirection, they’re trying to get your eyes back. They’re trying to make you look at something that’s not there.”

Colatruglio said it will be a clash of styles.

“It’s different; they’re different than us,” he said. “They’re small. Their biggest guy they put on defense is about 215-220. All five of our linemen are bigger than that. They’re different … it’s a different matchup. They’re gonna use their speed and aggression against our size and strength.”

Last week, the Tornadoes established their running game, with Ryan Lynch running for more than 150 yards and three touchdowns.

Colatruglio said establishing the run is part of TC’s makeup.

“It’s the strength of our team. We pride ourselves on what we do up front, and with Ryan being our most experienced guy, he’s going to get his carries,” Colatruglio said. “If we can dominate the line of scrimmage, run the ball all game, that would be outstanding.”

Kickoff is at 7 p.m.