Calvert gets another playoff rematch, this time with Flyers

Calvert coach Todd Fox had something of a mantra for Saturday night’s home game against Norwalk St. Paul.

He liked the phrase so much he used it twice in Thursday’s interview.

“What we’ve focused on is eliminating all distractions and work on destruction,” Fox said. “We want to take care of business on the field, and we’re gonna try and do that this week.”

The “eliminate distraction, work on destruction” thought was key to Fox, a week after his Senecas lost their season opener 39-12 in McComb. In an interesting bit of scheduling, Calvert faces a 2012 playoff opponent for the second-straight week.

The last time the Senecas and Flyers met, it was in the first round of the 2012 playoffs. Calvert fell behind in that game, 21-7, before taking over the contest and romping St. Paul 56-27. The two teams also met in the regular season, with the Senecas rolling in that one, 34-20.

Fox said he’s sure the Flyers will be trying to exact some revenge.

“We know coach Livengood, and he’s got a great wingman, [St. Paul assistant] coach Larry Fisher, they’ve been focusing on us all offseason – he’s even been quoted on that this year,” Fox said. “We have that kind of reverse of what we had last week. McComb … we did that to St. Paul last year. But they’re a great team and we have to be ready to go. Obviously, you start your season with two playoff teams, it’s a tough way to go from the get go.”

A big challenge for the Senecas defense will be Flyers’ running back Devin Smith, who ran for four touchdowns in a 42-0 Week 1 win over Sandusky St. Mary.

“We just have to play better football, sound, fundamental football,” Fox said. “He is a tough running back; he keeps his feet going. They’re not flashy at St. Paul; they just do their job and they work hard at it, and he’s tough to bring down, so it’s going to take 11 hats to the ball.”

Fox said he expects the Flyers to come with some different things defensively.

“Looking at film, they’ve got some different things they’re doing,” he said. “We kind of expect some other adjustments because we’ve been very successful with our zone read, but this year, actually, we’re focusing out of our zone read, so that will probably throw them for a little bit of an obstacle, too.”

The coach said Saturday is another opportunity to go up against one of the better programs in Division VII.

“When I came to Calvert, (St. Paul was) a program we wanted to emulate,” he said. “We wanted to be at that same level. I think we’re working to get there, we’re not there yet, but that’s a great football program. So obviously, that makes it easier to get up, too, because we want to make sure we compete with teams like this.”

It’s also a big game for the Senecas because it’s their home opener.

“When you play the game, [you play it] not just for your teammates or for yourself, but you play it for the Calvert community,” Fox said. “This is alumni weekend, it’s the first home game, it’s a Saturday night. A lot of the area teams are off, so they’ll be there. It’s exciting.”

Kickoff is at 7 p.m. at Frost-Kalnow Stadium.