Tiffin City Bowling Tourney gets underway

One would have thought that they were bowling in separate houses. While the women were struggling to get anything going, the men were lighting up the lanes as the Tiffin City Bowling Tournament opened at Heritage Lanes.

The 74th Annual Tiffin Women’s Bowling Association Tournament began with team competition and scoring proved to be difficult. Considering that no 200 games and zero 500 series were shot on the first night, the scoring, or lack thereof, left many bowlers scratching their heads.

Body Works took the lead despite difficult lane conditions as Kelly Kumar, Martha Heyman, Miriam Fankhauser, Madeline Smith and Anne Laughlin rolled a 2,867 total. Too Much To Drink slotted in second with a 2,732 count. Team members included Nita Doran, Carla Siebenaller, Polly Feasel, Heather Butler and Jan Houk.

The team competition continues tomorrow night.

The 83nd Annual Tiffin Men’s Bowling Association Tournament started with singles and doubles competition. There were a number of big scores shot on the first day of action.

The leader in singles is Gary Golden who shot a 787 (751 actual) to top the charts. Steve Steinmetz Jr. rolled an actual 757 series to sit second. The rest of the top five included Tim Bollenbacher 725, Steve Norman 721 and Dave Coppus 713. Tyson Shope also topped the 700 plateau as he shot an actual 703.

Tim Bollenbacher (681) and Gary Golden (688) sit in the top spot in doubles with a 1,465 total. Paul Landers Sr. (603) and Tim Sturgill (719) combined for 1,397 to lay claim to second place thus far. The rest of the top five include Ron Mellot and Ken Lofton third with 1,361, Mike Kimmet and Mike Kisabeth fourth with 1,354 while Rustan Burks and Chris Rhodes are currently fifth with 1,350.

Steve Steinmetz Jr. backed his singles score with a 707 in doubles as he shoots for a second consecutive actual all-events title.

The men have one more night of singles and doubles action before turning their attention to team play.