At some point you become immune to it. HUGE athletic contracts used to put me in a catatonic state. No more. I guess I have come to agree that if the money is available, why shouldn’t the stars of the sport go get it. You would. So would I!

The latest blockbuster came a few days ago when the Philadelphia Phillies opened up their pocketbooks and signed free agent outfielder Bryce Harper to a – are you ready? – $330,000,000 13 year deal. Give me a minute – maybe I’m not quite over it. The deal includes no trade and no opt out clauses, which means Harper is likely to finish his career with the Phillies. He will be 39 then and… OK, maybe it won’t even be his last contract!

The question will always be whether he is worth the money. No one knows. His salary might be considered a deal a Baker’s dozen years from now. Remind me to just go ahead and faint if that proves to be true.

Time will tell if this turns out to be a good deal for Philadelphia. It is a given that it is already a “great” deal for Harper. He may not have endured himself to the Philly faithful when at his introductory press conference he said his sole goal is to bring a World Series title back to D.C.


The view from my seat suggests that Harper should be aware that he better produce. Even Santa Claus was booed in Philly! Then again, if fans don’t cheer him all the time, he will always be able to go home and count his money.