Every year in the NFL head coaches lose their jobs. When the dust settled this season 8 teams would be in need of a new coach. Just to review, Cleveland fired Hue Jackson and Green Bay axed Mike McCarthy during the season. After the final regular season gun sounded Dirk Koetter, Adam Gase, Todd Bowles, Steve Wilks, Marvin Lewis and Vance Joseph were added to the list. Fully one fourth of NFL teams are now searching for a new leader.

Which brings me to my point. Should teams search for someone new or do they go after a recycled coach who may fit better in their system than the coach did in his last one. In other words do they buy new or do they go to a garage sale. There is a reason coaches are fired, just as there is a reason people have garage sales to get rid of something they no longer want.

I understand that you can get a bargain at garage sales. Just because someone has had enough of an item doesn’t mean there is no tread left on the tires. Of course some go to garage sales because they can’t afford buying new. That is not the case with NFL ownership.

I guess I am surprised somewhat by the number of just fired coaches who seem to be on another team’s radar. I get Mike McCarthy. He is a proven winner and well respected. On the other hand Marvin Lewis is not likely to get another shot though he has similar tire life left. But Adam Gase? Peyton Manning has a lot of respect for Gase after working with him in Denver. Manning is also good friends with Browns owner Jimmy Haslam. Gase is likely to get an interview with the Browns.

So what do you think Browns fans? Would the recently fired McCarthy be a good choice? Would Adam Gase? Or should the Browns find someone new?

As a Browns fan, I think the search will be interesting. I don’t really have a preference, but I will give you a name. Freddie Kitchens. The Browns do not want to lose him and the only way they can guarantee to keep him would be to make him the head coach. If not now, perhaps within a couple of years.

The view from my seat suggests that the coaching carousel will be fun to follow in the next few weeks. Some teams will go out and get someone new. Others will be looking at what the neighbors are throwing out.