I’m Siding With The Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl earlier this year and is the common practice, the team was invited to the White House to meet with President Trump for a celebration. The day before the visit, the invitation was rescinded by the President as several members of the Eagles made it clear they would not attend the function. As is his wont, the President blamed the Eagles for the cancellation suggesting that if they didn’t want to come to the “best place on earth” then he didn’t want them there.

Here’s my take on the situation.

The White House is a special place and an invitation to meet with the President of the United States would normally be a no brainer. I guess you can debate whether the White House is the best place on earth, but usually this invite is graciously accepted. Normal is not a word I would use to describe things these days. Perhaps the best place to start is to ask why many Eagle players did not want to go.

As the player protests during the National Anthem took place during the 2016-17 seasons, President Trump did not hide his unhappiness. He -rightfully or wrongfully – decided that the protests were unpatriotic and lambasted the players for their acts. He suggested they should be fired and if they didn’t like what was happening in this country, maybe they should just leave.

The Eagles were aware of his comments and presumably chose not to attend as their presence would give support to the current administration. They were not happy with the way the President treated them and I’m guessing were not happy with many other things regarding our current President. Under normal circumstances, political differences would be set aside for this type of occasion, but again, things are not normal today.

Personally, I back the Eagles on this one. It seems that you are either with President Trump and all that comes with it, or you do not like many of his characteristics which includes name calling, bullying and most importantly (to me) a tremendous lack of truth telling.

The view from my seat suggests that whether there was a celebration (or what took it’s place) or not, is no big deal. But I’m glad to see the Eagles players take a stand – a little like taking a knee – and saying we don’t support many of your views.