I am, admittedly, not a big fan of the NBA. But there was a story that got my attention last night and I found it worth mentioning. The Los Angeles Lakers signed a rookie to a two game contract as that is all they have left. Ordinarily that would not be much of a story, but this signing was different.

The Lakers brought up a rookie from the developmental league. His name is Andre Ingram and he has a little gray in his hair. Then again, many people do by the time they hit their 30’s. Ingram is 32 and has spent most of the last ten years playing in the NBA’s version of the minor leagues. He has competed in 384 games and his 713 career 3 pointers is a record for the developmental league.

Now most players would have given up on their dream after a couple of years or at least tried to play overseas to make some money. Ingram thought to get to the NBA he needed to be close to home. Of course having a wife and children were part of the equation, but that makes sense to. Ingram took off most of one season to care for his oldest daughter while his wife finished her college degree.

Ingram is not one of those people who can’t do anything else but play hoops. He has a degree in Physics from American University, achieved in 2007. He has tutored students in the off season to help pay the bills, while continuing to pursue his dream.

So was this a publicity stunt by the Lakers? Is this “cup of coffee” the end of the line for Ingram? Well his performance might suggest otherwise. He scored 19 points in his NBA debut, hitting 4 of 5 three pointers. He thinks this could be the beginning of a career in basketball’s highest place. The Lakers may feel otherwise, but Andre Ingram sure had the world talking last night.

The view from my seat suggests that whether this is the start of something big or just a footnote in NBA history – it’s still a feel good story. Congrats to Ingram and his message that one should never give up on their dreams.