Finally, Some Good News

With all the news seemingly being negative today, it was nice to hear about something positive. With school shootings, turmoil in the White House and weather disasters happening on a much too regular basis, it makes one hesitant to turn on the news each day. As hard as it is to believe, this happy story comes from the realm of college basketball, another place where negative reports seem to outdo any good things you can find.

Chris Street was a college basketball player from the University of Iowa. A local kid, he brought a spirit to the team, campus and even the entire state. If you were from the state of Iowa you knew and loved Chris Street. He was a so-so free throw shooter when he first appeared on campus, but through determination and hard work, he became a good one. In fact in January of 1993, during his junior season, he was perfect from the line for a game. That brought his streak of made free throws to 34 – a school record.

How high would the streak go? We never found out because three days after that game Chris was killed in an auto accident. He would never have another chance to extend his record, but it would stand for 25 years until recently when it was tied by another native Iowan.

Enter Jordan Bohannon into the picture. He recently tied Street’s mark in a game against Northwestern. Late in the same game he had the chance to break the record, but it did not happen – intentionally! Bohannon had been thinking about what he would do if this opportunity came along. He was not even born when Street died, but as a native of Iowa he knew who he was and what he meant to the basketball community. He had even met the parents of Chris Street, Mike and Patty Street who still regularly attend Iowa basketball games. They were in attendance on this night.

Going to the line with the outcome of the game already determined, Bohannon intentionally left his shot short and then pointed skyward to let Chris Street know his name would still be at the top of the list of this Iowa record. Bohannon shared a hug with the Streets after the game, an emotional moment for sure.

How many young people would have done this? I can tell you – not very many! It was a tremendous act of sportsmanship and I’m sure many people appreciated the moment as I did.

The view from my seat suggests that there are still good people in this world and they outnumber the ones who make the negative headlines. Sometimes we fail to recognize that fact. Thanks to Jordan Bohannon for the reminder that good will triumph over evil!