Inappropriate To Say The Least

When I saw the picture in the A-T my first thought was “you’ve got to be kidding me.” My next thought was “who could possibly think this is appropriate?” After doing some research on the subject I can tell you I haven’t changed my mind!

I am referring to the uniforms worn by the U.S. Olympic female speed skaters. For those of you who have not seen them I suggest you get a look for yourself and then let me know if I am the one that is out of line. The uniforms have a different colored material for the crotch. Perhaps they look different in person, but in a black and white newspaper photograph it appears the crotch area of the uniform has been cut out.

It’s my understanding that the dark color of the uniform is navy blue and the “exposed” area is white. The white fabric is different from the rest of the uniform because it is a different material that causes less friction – some 60% if you believe the uniform makers. That company would be Under Armour. They designed the uniforms to allow the skaters to skate faster. I have no problem with designing a uniform that allows for more speed. I just think that could have been done in a less inappropriate way.

Everyone I showed the picture to had the same reaction that I did. From inappropriate to vulgar and disgusting, no comment was complimentary. Had the white material been simply one color it might have worked, but if you look at the picture it appears that one goal was to give it an anatomically correct picture. As one person online suggested, “doesn’t the different material come in black?”

It was suggested that the uniforms brought many compliments from Olympic spectators including many from other countries. So there is the possibility that I am overreacting. I’ll let you decide.

The view from my seat suggests that inappropriate is the word that is the least condemning of these uniforms. For me, vulgar and disgusting is more appropriate.