An All SEC Final

I have no problem with the fact that this year’s national championship game pits Alabama and Georgia, marking the first time teams from the same conference will vie for the crown. Though many people don’t like this, I’m not one of them. If the premise that the four best teams in the country will compete for the title is to be believed, then there is no reason that more than one team from the same conference could fit the criteria.

Alabama proved to be a solid choice for the fourth seed. The game between Georgia and Oklahoma was wildly entertaining. No problem with either of those teams. If one team seemed not to belong it was Clemson who seemingly “failed to show up” for their game with the Crimson Tide.

If there is a beef for me it is the fact that the playoffs need to expand, although going to 8 teams could very well mean that a deserving 9th team will be left out. This year one team proved that it should have been given a shot at the title. Sorry Buckeye fans, but I’m talking about Central Florida. All they did was go undefeated and beat Auburn – the team that knocked off both Georgia and Alabama. Though one could argue that OSU deserved a chance – with 8 teams they would have had the opportunity – how can you not agree with Scott Frost that his team deserves to be the national champion.

The purpose of this blog is not to fight for an expanded playoff, but to suggest that two teams from the same conference could very easily be the two best teams in the nation and deserve the right to fight it out on the gridiron.

The view from my seat also suggests that to get a “fairer” playoff it should expand to 8 teams. One should also keep in mind that creating a completely fair system is NOT possible!