What A Weekend

I have been a Nascar fan for years. In fact, I run a Nascar fantasy league. Like most fans I have had a favorite driver to root for and for many years that was Sterling Marlin. I can remember sitting on the edge of my seat hoping that Sterling would get to the finish line first. Winning back to back Daytona 500’s in the 1990’s was fantastic.

Yesterday I was back on the edge of my seat and have never been more nervous as I rooted for Martin Truex, Jr. to win the championship. The ups and downs of his career would make him a favorite for any fan. His long time girl friend’s battle with cancer would be another reason to root for the #78. The underdog small team based in Denver, Colorado should ignite some enthusiasm from casual fans.

The unexpected death of a team member just a few weeks ago would bring still others on board. If you need one more reason, try the heart attack that kept team owner Barney Visser from attending the season ending race in Homestead yesterday. There are many reasons to be a fan of Martin Truex, Jr.

For me there is a more personal reason. Austin Frankart, an Old Fort High School graduate and the son of a good friend of mine works for Furniture Row Racing. He was hired before the 2016 season and if I was more knowledgeable about race cars I would tell you exactly what his job is. Let’s just say he helps build the race cars that have been so dominant in 2017. On Sunday Truex drove another of those cars to victory and the championship.

Yes I was on the edge of my seat. I didn’t know if Truex could hold off a hard charging Kyle Busch, but he did exactly that and it was time for the celebration to begin. I sent a text to Austin’s dad immediately after the race telling him to congratulate Austin twice. You see Austin married his high school sweetheart on Saturday before watching Truex bring home the trophy on Sunday.

Congratulations to Martin Truex, Jr. for winning the championship. Congratulations to Austin Frankart for the role he played in this remarkable racing story and for – well, you know…

The view from my seat suggests that this was a weekend that Austin will remember for the rest of his life!