Hey The Sun Did Come Up This Morning

OK – it is a little dreary and you can’t actually see the sun, but it’s there. Life will indeed go on.

Cleveland Indian fans experienced yet another disappointment last night as the New York Yankees completed their improbable comeback and ended the season for the Tribe. After building a 3-1 lead in last year’s World Series only to see the Cubs win three straight and take the title, only one thing was going to correct that this season. That of course would be a World Series championship and now that is no longer a possibility.

Who would have predicted that Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez would go something like 4 for 40 in this series. Who would have predicted that Corey Kluber would get knocked out to early in game 2 only to see the Indians rally and win the game for a 2-0 series lead. Yes the bats went silent, the gloves turned to stone and the pitching staff struggled. Maybe, just maybe, the Yankees had something to do with that.

Don’t despair Indian fans. It was a great season and compared to the many I have witnessed over the years (the last Indians World Series title happened two years before I was born) it was fun. There’s no reason to panic and certainly no reason to play the blame game. Such is the world of sports. Things happen.

The view from my seat suggests that we reflect on the fun we had with the winning streak and the competitive season. To cite a line that was used for years by Cub fans for years… there’s always next year!