There are people in this world that have no interest in sports and I get that. Each to his own. When someone asks me why I love sports, I can point to this weekend for my answer.

Starting on Saturday with the Ohio State – Penn State football game and ending early this morning with the Astros win over the Dodgers, the sports world gave me one thrill after another. That’s what I love about sports.

I had written the Buckeyes off early in the game and again in the fourth quarter and I’m guessing I wasn’t the only Buckeye fan to do so. When J.T. Barrett led the Bucks to two late touchdowns to pull off the stunning victory, the weekend was off to a glorious start. Well, not so much if you are a Penn State fan, but the college football fan with no particular rooting loyalty had to enjoy this game.

On Sunday I was watching the Nascar race from Martinsville and it did not disappoint. Short track racing at it’s best, the Paper Clip always has some bumping and shoving and yesterday was no different. The crowd was not pleased when Denny Hamlin wrecked young Chase Elliott with a handful of laps to go while battling for the lead. Hamlin himself then was sent up the track and Elliott himself had done the same to Brad Keselowski earlier. It’s what happens on short tracks (and to be honest on bigger tracks too) and you can debate whether it should be allowed or not, but it does make for some interesting viewing.

Later the Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans played a fun to watch NFL game. Seattle scored with 21 seconds left to pull out a 41-38 victory. It was riveting TV, but did not compare to the World Series game.

When the Dodgers had a fourth inning 4-0 lead with Clayton Kershaw on the hill, many people felt the game was over and yes, you can count me as one of them. Well five hours and 21 minutes of baseball ended with the Astros scoring a 13-12 win in ten innings. Yes I do believe the baseball is juiced, but you can’t deny that the action is awesome.

The view from my seat suggests that these examples of sports action explain why I love sports.