Will Billups Bite ?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have made an offer to former NBA player and current ESPN analyst Chauncey Billups to become the President of basketball operations. He would replace David Griffin who was not retained as the General Manager. Billups has requested time to mull over the offer and reportedly has made a counter offer to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert.

So here is the question. Will Billups bite and take the position even though he has no front office experience? I’m sure he has a number of things to consider, but I can’t resist giving him a couple of pros and cons.

Pro – He will make more money if he switches jobs. A lot more money. Then again he did play for a long time in the NBA and maybe money is not a big factor. It would be for me.

Pro – LeBron James. He will get to direct a team that has (arguably) the best player in the NBA. The Cavs will be competitive even if no other pieces are added. In fact, the odds are the Cavs will make a fourth straight appearance in the NBA Finals. Not a bad gig.

Con – Do you really want to work for a meddlesome owner who just fired the GM who led the Cavs to three straight NBA finals appearances with one title? How do you feel about job security, Chauncey?

Con – LeBron James. Like many superstars, King James will have more than a little input in any basketball decisions. He also has the potential to walk after next season and I think he might do just that. If Billups takes the job and James opts out in 2018, Billups will have to decide if that is really a bad thing.

The view from my seat suggests that this is not that great an opportunity for Chauncey Billups. Then again, what’s the worst that can happen. He takes the job, makes a lot of money, gets fired and then goes back to what he is doing now. Hmmmmmm…