Potty Penalty

There is no sport like golf when it comes to a litany of bizarre rules. There is also no organization like the NCAA when it comes to crazy regulations for its student athlete members. Put the two together and you get the following amusing, if not ridiculous story.

At the NCAA’s women’s golf championships, two golfers were penalized for going to the bathroom. Well, actually the penalties were not for going potty per se, but rather the method they used to get to the bathroom. Northwestern’s Sarah Cho and Kent State’s Kelly Nielsen were the victims of this rather strange situation. Here is the rule that the golfers violated.

Golfers “must not ride on any form of transportation during a stipulated round unless authorized.” Cho started her round on the tenth hole and after finishing the 18th decided that nature called. She jumped in a golf cart and drove herself to the facilities. Nielsen asked a Kent staffer to drive her to the nearest restroom after the 13th hole. The penalty for such inauspicious behavior is a two stroke penalty. How it is administered is pretty wild too.

The two strokes are added to the score of the next hole played. Cho double bogeyed number one and that became a quadruple bogey. Nielsen had a par on the 14th and that became a double bogey. Dastardly I say!

Fortunately neither penalty figured in on their team’s performances, but if you think this is basically stupid – join the crowd.

The view from my seat suggests that the rules of golf are not the culprit here. Instead it is NCAA regulations that are silly. Similar future situations can be dealt with simply however. Authorize the use of golf carts for potty breaks!!!!