A Missed Opportunity

When the Spring Sports Tab appeared in the A-T a few weeks back, I made a mental note to watch for the New Riegel/Tiffin Calvert baseball matchup. If both Calvert’s Peyton Deats and NR’s Michael Kirian toed the rubber, it promised to be a high school baseball classic. So yesterday was the scheduled date and it appeared Mother Nature was going to spoil the matchup.

I drove by Calvert’s field after a rainstorm came through at game time. Both fields looked playable with a little work and I went home and told my wife the games could very well be played. We had another reason to take in the contests. Our niece plays for New Riegel’s softball team and has been doing very well lately.

We checked the weather radar and another storm appeared heading our way. We debated and decided that being caught in a storm wasn’t worth the risk. It will be a decision that I will regret the rest of my life.

I didn’t know if Deats and Kirian would both pitch in the game, but they did. The belief that this could be a classic game was not unfounded. Kirian pitched eight scoreless innings giving up three hits while striking out 17. Deats went nine innings giving up two hits and fanning 18. Calvert managed to scratch across a run in the tenth inning to win 1-0.

The classic took place as the rain held off and I sat at home. A missed opportunity? You bet. It would have been a great game to see and I would have worn a path across the street trying to watch both games.

The view from my seat suggests that I made a big mistake not braving the elements. By the way, my niece, Kristin Coleman, went three for four with a double, two singles, three runs scored and two runs batted in in New Riegel’s 17-4 win. I could have been there…