A Dog’s Purpose

If you want to get my immediate attention, all you have to do is mention dogs.  I am a dog lover, of that there is no doubt.  So when the ads for the movie A Dog’s Purpose came out, I was ready to head to a local theatre.  Before I could do so though, I found out that PETA was encouraging people to boycott the movie because of animal abuse in making the film.

That did not deter me from going though as I wanted to see if I could detect anything of the sort in the movie.  After seeing the flick I went online to view the video that PETA suggested showed the alleged abuse.  It was the scene when Bailey 2 – a German Shepherd dog – went into the rapidly flowing river to save a girl.  In reality the dog was to be filmed in a pool of water that seemed safe enough.

As I watched the video it was apparent that the dog did not want any part of being put into the pool.  Each time the handler tried to put the dog into the water the animal strongly resisted and would not go.  As I watched the video I couldn’t help but think a video of me trying to give my dog a bath would have looked very similar.  Animal abuse it was not.

Dennis Quaid, Bailey’s “human” in the movie, said no abuse took place.  He attributed the animal’s reluctance to going in the water to it being late in the day.  Actors often get tired of doing scenes at that time as well, he pointed out.  I would agree with him.

As for the movie, it was pretty good and I would recommend it.  There is no reason to boycott it for there is no animal abuse.

The view from my seat suggests A Dog’s Purpose is worth the price of admission.  I would also suggest that it is not necessarily a children’s movie as much of the humor is adult oriented.  When Bailey dies each time (the premise is that he is reborn as a different dog only to be brought back to his original human later in life) I had to fight back tears.  I’m not sure how a child would handle it.