Mixon’s Mistake

As Oklahoma prepares for its bowl game, the public outcry over the release of the video showing running back Joe Mixon punching a female student rages on.  There are always extenuating circumstances when these events take place, though many people seem to think it is more simplistic than it actually is.  Like everyone else, I have an opinion and I am going to share my thoughts.

FIRST – What Joe Mixon did was wrong.  Period.  There is never a way to excuse a male punching a female.  Never.  However…

SECOND – People react differently to hearing about an assault like this as opposed to SEEING it.  The video, similar to the Ray Rice video, brings more outrage than simply hearing that a man punched a woman.  Whether that outrage should have an effect on whether more punishment should be meted out is open to debate.  The incident happened over two years ago and the initial punishment was suspension for an entire season.  A tough punishment?  I think so.  Enough punishment – now that the video has been released – is open to question.

THIRD – I must suggest that the young woman certainly had something to do with the final act – she did push and then slap Mixon before he threw the punch.  He will always be wrong (see FIRST), but perhaps she should not have done what she did either.

FOURTH – Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops perhaps said it best when he suggested that when the event actually took place, the punishment seemed severe and appropriate.  Two and a half years later, he said, it seems not harsh enough.  A similar incident today would likely result in dismissal from the university.

So should Joe Mixon be allowed to play in Oklahoma’s bowl game?  Thankfully that is not my call.

The view from my seat suggests that it would be great if I never have to give an opinion on a situation like this ever again.