Drink, dine, bowl, howl at the moon — in that order — at Splitsville

The original Splitsville Luxury Lanes is located in Tampa, Florida. Boasting that it was where bowling was reinvented (whatever that means), the entertainment complex that does indeed “feature” the sport of bowling has franchises in five states.

Three of the sites are in Florida, as Orlando and Miami also have Splitsville Lanes. You can also visit one in Foxborough, Ma., Fairview, TX., and Fredericksburg, Va.  Only because I don’t want you to have to take a vacation to visit one of these places, I will tell you that if you go to Cincinnati and wander from Paul Brown Stadium to Great American Ballpark, you likely will happen upon Splitsville at The Banks.

One has to wonder if bowling is indeed the main activity if you follow the “path” described in their directions. It appears that one drinks first, then dines and finally gets to the lanes. When you are done bowling, the facility has a Howl at the Moon dueling pianos show that caps your evening.

As I perused the website of Splitsville Luxury Lanes several things stood out. Perhaps most prominent was the Men’s Dress Code, which is enforced after 8 p.m. It reads: Shirts with sleeves. No bad language on clothes, no combat boots.I don’t know what to make of that.  I guess it means that women can wear the latter two, though I hope no one would even consider it.Though prices were given for bowling — per game as well as shoe rental — the biggest portion of the website was devoted to the menu. As one who once bought a book titled “Where to Eat in America,” it too caught my attention.

It would seem that pizza is a featured item at all locations as 9 different pies are offered in the Queen City.  Menu items vary from place to place, but some were common to all, including sushi. Now, when it comes to the raw fish concept, I’m with Terry Bradshaw, who, if you remember, suggested in the commercial that “you forgot to cook this!”

Here’s a sampling of the more interesting menu items. The Foghorn Burger includes a fried egg and jalapeno peppers, which makes the sushi sound more appetizing! The Black Jack Chicken sandwich includes blackened chicken breast and Colby Jack cheese.  Things are getting better.

Filet Sliders must be where Longhorn Steakhouse meets White Castle. A Burrito Fundido sounds, well, fun. I’m not sure I would order Voodoo Shrimp or Fish Tacos (they don’t go together), but I wouldn’t mind the Adult Mac &Cheese — though I’m not sure what makes it grown up!For appetizers Macho Nachos likely are very tasty, whereas 3 Pepper Calamari might be, but I’ll probably never know. I have no idea what Edamame is, but it “sounds” awful.As for the original house, the Tampa location features a huge bowling pin at the entrance, has 12 lanes, seven billiard tables and an outdoor boathouse bar, which sounds appealing. If you try to find the Cincinnati location the address is 145 Second Street East.

If you go be prepared for an evening of fun. Make sure you go hungry, but do remember to leave your combat boots at home.Tyson Shope had the pins rocking in the Wednesday Morning League to the tune of 759.  Here are the local bowling scores. I have no idea what was on the menu for these keglers.

Wednesday Morning: Tyson Shope 759, Rich Yates, Jr. 655, Dave Jones 611, Samantha Wiley 603, Paul Landers 584, Beth Jones 582, Hank Wagner 578 and Deb Phillips 488.Imperial-Majorette-Sportsman: Rich Yates Jr. 679, Ben Hoyda 635, Jim Lord 635, Benji Hoyda 629, Kevin Yarger 616, Deb Nominee 495, Linda Brookes 465 and Phyllis Hyde 451.Lady Knights: Nerita Streacker 451, Janet Coffman 412, Carol Burmeister 412, Linda Kimmet 406 and Alaina Ritter 399.

55 Plus: Rick Hanna 607, Jim Ruess 589, Bob Reinhart 580, Dick Gabel 568, Bob Cleveland 536, Bill Mizen 528, Jerry Gillig 510, Paul Gosche 490, Jim Donaldson 484, Dave Everhart 480, John Ferstler 451, Ken Jones 449 and Jim Ferstler 427.Rocket: Dave Jones 645, Will Rennels 574, Ameer Muhammad 566, Aaron Ferguson 557 and Samantha Wiley 553.Allen Eiry: Dave Everhart 354, Bob Reinhart 338, Joanne Elchert 313, Harry Smith 312, Phil Miller 298, Betty Sendelbach 292, Larry Cobb 269, Jim Donaldson 267, Chris Smith 262 and Sandy Smith 261.

Al Stephenson is The A-T’s bowling columnist.Read his blog at:www.advertiser-tribune.com