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Animal control easy as ABC

April 22, 2008
The Advertiser-Tribune
Every year, eight million cats and dogs enter U.S. animal shelters. Half of all shelter dogs are humanely euthanized. Less than 30 percent of cats are adopted from shelters.

The pet population is at an all-time high and increasing as you read this. Decreasing the number of pets is as simple as ABC: animal birth control. Spaying and neutering pets will prevent them from creating offspring. These babies could continue to reproduce and further contribute to over-population. The puppies or kittens could end up in shelters and risk being euthanized.

People who buy from breeders or pet stores take away a shelter animal’s chance at life. If you are looking for a purebred, there are breed-specific rescue groups. Many people don’t know that about 25 percent of animals in shelters are purebred.

While many people are opposed to spaying their pets, it is more beneficial than harmful. Sterilized pets tend to lead longer, healthier lives. The surgery nearly eliminates chances for certain cancers and diseases, which can cost more to treat then to perform sterilization.

Another way to save animals from being euthanized is to adopt them from humane societies. By doing so, you will give them a chance to live a happy life that they would otherwise be denied if left at a shelter. The animal will give you unconditional love and be your friend forever. Next time you consider getting a pet, make your first stop the local humane society.

Whether you are considering getting a pet or already have one, do your part to prevent pet over population by adopting a shelter animal or spaying and neutering.


Jessica Vasvary



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