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Bowling at the ballpark — the USBC Masters in Milwaukee


October 21, 2007
Al Stephenson
I’ve been to Miller Park, the baseball edifice that is home to the Milwaukee Brewers. It was also home to the Tribe this year. Do you remember Jacobs Field West?

I recall the people of Milwaukee loved to tailgate. They would grill brats and wash them down with some suds. And when they were ready they would head into the stadium and watch a little baseball.

Milwaukee also happens to be the home of the United States Bowling Congress. On Oct. 29, the USBC will take the finals of its first major bowling tournament of the year to the ballpark.

That’s right. The USBC Masters will be held at Miller Park on October 28. It will be televised on ESPN starting at noon. The field will consist of some 500 professionals and amateurs, each seeking the $100,000 top prize.

This will not be the first time that Miller Park has hosted this event. In 2004 Patrick Allen won the tournament before 4,300 fans. That would not be a typical size baseball crowd, but certainly more people than most bowling centers would hold.

A crew of 10 electricians and carpenters will spend less than two full days to construct four lanes. They will be located between first and second base. VIP boxes will be located along the lanes with the rest of the crowd sitting along the first-base line.

Baseball and bowling. There are a few terms that fit both sports. Balls, strikes, pocket, double and rotation come to mind, not to mention the title of this column.

Then again, you will not have a sacrifice fly in bowling and there is no such thing as a ringing 10-pin in baseball. Maybe we could concoct some type of competition between the two sports.

How about a match race between a Brewer base stealer and a Tommy Jones 10-pin spare shot. OK, perhaps that is a little goofy, but have you seen the sausage races that are a regular part of Brewer games?

Tickets still are available for this competition. If you are heading to the Milwaukee area, maybe you could stop and see some great bowling.

If not, here’s my suggestion. Grab some bratwurst, a little string cheese and grab your favorite Miller beverage. Set up your own tailgate party in front of the TV and you too can become a certified purveyor of the high life!

Tony Selhorst topped the charts this week, as he fired a 702 to lead the Sportsman League. Carl Bishop had 695, Ben Hoyda 693 and Lance Davis 692. Dale Dickson led the Wednesday Morning League with 664, while Ken Lofton shot 662, Aaron Sherman 638, Mark Huffman 625 and Denny Dean 623.

Keith Messmer hit the 700 mark on the nose to lead the Sunday Night Rock N Roll League. Gary Golden shot 682, Bob Steele 675, Delbert Smith 656 and Tim Sturgill 634. For the ladies, Janice Young rolled a 447 and Marie Meyer 419. In the Grange League, Wendy Niestockel had 492, Kelly Davidson 477, Melissa Crocker 469 and Cassie Frankart 464, while the men were led by Dave Morlock 583, Mike Babcock 578 and Tracy Gerber 551.

In Saturday Night Mixed Doubles League action, Mark Baxter posted 694, Ryan Chevalier 667, Ben Hoyda 660 and Rich Yates Jr. 655. Beth Jones had 589, Bev Yates 468, Barb Yentzer 453, Jen Rosenbalm 448 and Rhonda Yentzer 445 to pace the women.

Cindy Bowman shot 545, Jan Houk 530, Carla Siebenaller 511, Kristi Elchert 497, Mindi Miller 496 and Deb Cole 495 in the Alley Cats League. Liz King topped the Coffeebreak League with 526, while Madelyn Smith rolled 469, Barb Carmon 453, Sue Stine 453 and Phyllis Riley 449.

Imperial-Majorette League scores included Steve Steinmetz Jr. 589, Scott Kirian 552, Deb Nominee 555, Dianne Smith 485 and Mary Ruggerio 479. Kevin Fitch shot 626, Tom Tiell 603, Rhonda Fitch 526 and Robin Brownell 501 in the Twilight League.

In action at the K of C Lanes, Doug Snyder shot 551, Andy Ritzler 536, Dan Gaietto 534, Terry Nusbaum 532 and Andy Hess 532 in the Senior League. In the Lady Knights League, Sandy Troiano had 425, Julie Meyers 416, Deb Hoerig 412, Sandy Snyder 408 and Carol Burmeister 402. Jim Kingseed shot 611, Ken Gaietto 589, Steve Depinet 576 and Bill Lord 567 in the Holy Name League.

In the Rocket League, Tim Sturgill fired a 667, Justin Dickson 619 and Rich Sigler 598. Steve Steinmetz Jr. rolled a 658, Dick Gabel 653, Chris Rhodes 615, Chris Peck 613 and Matt Hoover 611 in the Westgate League.

Al Stephenson is The A-T bowling columnist



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