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Barbs. darts and other shenanigans at the bowling alley

February 5, 2012 If I had my druthers, I would prefer to not spend time on a deserted island. Sure there is something to be said for peace and quiet, but I’m a people person. more »»

High school bowlers light up the lanes at tournament

January 29, 2012 Many veteran bowlers are not all that happy to see young people show up in their leagues. The youngsters bring a new ball and hook the ball into the pocket sending the pins flying. more »»

Cook's simple twist of fate

January 29, 2012 In 1975, Bob Dylan released an album called “Blood on the Tracks.” Music always is subjective, but many critics regard it as some of his best work. more »»

Bowling is alive and flourishing in the Sunshine State

January 22, 2012 I’m back. There was a little kicking and screaming involved, but my buddies and I decided to return to the Buckeye State. more »»

Nothing certain in this world but death, taxes, and a few good sports stories

January 19, 2012 2012 brings pay to participate to Tiffin Thank you for a bulk of that quote, Mark Twain. more »»

You either are, or you are not

January 12, 2012 Congratulations to Barry Larkin for being elected to baseball’s Hall of Fame. Later this month, the NFL will release its list of new inductees to its Hal. more »»

Perfectly acceptable reasons for missing your bowling league

January 8, 2012 Most bowling teams compete to try to win. As a result, your teammates expect you to show up week after week. League bowlers tend to be hearty folks. We will bowl when it is not convenient to do so. more »»

The birth of a rivalry

January 8, 2012 Some rivalries are built over a period of years, even decades. Then there are those that can develop in a period of nine week. more »»

Pavlik in need of a wake-up call

December 26, 2011 It’s sad when a local icon falls so hard and so suddenly in the public view. more »»

Remembering Mary — an alternative to the news of the day

December 24, 2011 I was in the company of two other 1968 high school graduates (stop doing the math!) earlier this week and we were reminiscing about times gone b. more »»

Whether the weather cooperates or not, the outdoors never closes

December 18, 2011 There is a great dividing line in the outdoors world, a boundary that separates the conditional participants from those that consider this relationship a year-round thing. It’s weather. more »»

Stretching the shoulder to stay injury-free at the lanes

December 18, 2011 When a bowler gets to be my age, he starts worrying about body parts going on the fritz. more »»

A great move, or a great blunder?

December 18, 2011 It’s been more than 40 years. But if you mention the name ‘Milt Pappas’ to someone who was a Reds fan in the 1960s, they are sure to groan. Pappas was a very good pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles. more »»

Another golden moment for the TU Olympic Academic Experience

December 15, 2011 In 1968 a wiry framed American high jumper established a world record at the Olympic Games in Mexico City with a leap of 7 feet, 4 1/4 inches. more »»

Looking back at a special season

December 14, 2011 Now that was fun. Due to deep playoff runs by area football teams, the fall and winter sports seasons have kind of merged together in one giant blur of sports. more »»

The first annual Ol’ Doc Stephenson bowling ratings

December 11, 2011 You know, I had a thought this week. Unlike most of my ideas that are better left alone, I decided to go with this one. What you’re about to read is stated in the headline. more »»

Seasonal swoon into kindness shows our better side

December 11, 2011 The best of the human spirit is on full display at this time of year. Indoors and outdoors, in public and in private, on a grand scale and in the most miniscule ways. more »»

Now is not the time to get cute with your lineup

December 8, 2011 There are two times to overthink things in fantasy sports. One is the draft and the other is the fantasy playoffs. And if you do too much during the first, you won’t have to worry about the second. more »»

High school bowling teams gearing up for the season

December 4, 2011 In checking out the winter sports tab this week, I recognized several faces from area basketball teams. The names of a few wrestlers rang a bell. more »»

Ohio deer hunters face rain on their parade

December 4, 2011 Stock car races, baseball games and family picnics get rained out. Deer hunts are not supposed to be on that list. Hunting is a foul weather sport by nature. more »»



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