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Traffic fatalities highlight need for road work

January 3, 2014 On a statewide basis, the most serious measure of traffic safety saw a marked improvement last yea. more »»

The book of $30B in wasteful spending

January 2, 2014 Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., has released his annual “Wastebook,” giving us all a window into the positively absurd ways in which the federal government spends the hard-earned tax dollars we give it. more »»

Resolve to stay sober if driving

December 31, 2013 New Year’s parties are about to get under way, and it is a good time to remember not to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking at one of those partie. more »»

Hats off

December 28, 2013 Thanks for being a part of this community Once again, we use this space to thank just about everyone in our readership area who has made contributions large and small to benefits, dinners,... more »»

Yet another spending showdown looming

December 27, 2013 Remember earlier this month, when official Washington was assuring the American people a controversial budget deal would prevent any new fiscal crises for some time to come? Well, forget it. more »»

Forecast of impact from gov’t shutdown was off

December 26, 2013 As part of their ongoing campaign to blame Republicans for everything bad that happens in the United States, President Barack Obama and fellow liberals warned this fall that the partial shutdown of... more »»

It’s all about the presence

December 24, 2013 “It’s better to give than to receive” is a phrase often heard this time of year. That’s not just true in an altruistic sense. more »»

Maybe vendors can work off debt

December 23, 2013 If you owe the Internal Revenue Service money, chances are you will be harassed until you pay up or at least make arrangements to do so. Unless you happen to be doing business with the IRS. more »»

Hats off

December 21, 2013 Elchert performed duties well A tip of the cap to Paul Elchert, who presided this week over his last Tiffin City Council meeting. more »»

A bill’s impact on jobs should be noted

December 20, 2013 When members of Congress get copies of bills under consideration, they also receive estimates of the measures’ costs — not that it seems to do much good in controlling government spending. more »»

Thinking of the spirit of the season

December 19, 2013 At this time of year, the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” is often repeated but less frequently demonstrated. Two wire-service reports this week demonstrate just what those words mean. more »»

New park could be right idea, right time

December 18, 2013 A new Tiffin park proposed by a local leadership development program could be a case of the right development happening at the right place at the right time. more »»

Bill could prevent harmful behavior

December 17, 2013 Too often, people who suffer mental illness do not receive the help they need, even when it is apparent they are threats to themselves and/or others. more »»

Trillions missing, presumed misspent

December 16, 2013 The Pentagon cannot account for more than $8 trillion U.S. taxpayers have given it since 1996, according to a report by the Reuters news agency. more »»

Company gives time, employee gives blood

December 14, 2013 This week we give a tip of the cap to Greg Clouse and his employer, Toledo Molding & Die Inc. Clouse gave his 100th pint of blood Wednesday during a collection at the company’s Tiffin plant. more »»

Enact GONE before it’s forgotten

December 13, 2013 In Washington, government spending is discussed in terms of billions and trillions of dollars. A million bucks isn’t even enough to merit decimal-point mention in most agency budget. more »»

Veteran’s actions should be inspiring

December 12, 2013 The story of a good Samaritan who helped pull motorists out of a ditch Sunday night after they slid off an icy road is more than uplifting. It’s inspiring. more »»

Health care act is more than just a mistake

December 11, 2013 As many as one-fourth of the people who thought they had obtained health insurance through the government’s website,, may be “orphans,” officials confirmed last week. more »»

Mandela provides a model for us all

December 10, 2013 Nelson Mandela is gone, and with him goes the steadying influence he brought to governments across Afric. more »»

Candor expected from those seeking office

December 9, 2013 Millions of Americans have run afoul of the Internal Revenue Service at one time or another. Usually, honest mistakes are involved. more »»



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