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Cline is better pick for council president

October 31, 2013 Last year, more than $2 billion was spent on the presidential election — and remember the choice voters faced last November. more »»

Prevent avoidable deaths in schools

October 30, 2013 For very good reasons, public schools have strict policies on administering medications to students. more »»

Glitches distract from real problems

October 28, 2013 The Obama administration, led by the president himself, still doesn’t get what the real issue that working Americans who already have health insurance fear about the Affordable Health Care Act:... more »»

Hats off

October 26, 2013 Park District grows via efficiency Despite lacking a continuous source of public funding such as a levy, the Seneca County Park District recently added what essentially would be the 10th nature... more »»

Senators are right; working is crucial to future

October 25, 2013 Both of Ohio’s senators were in the same city Thursday to discuss similar solutions to two issues. Sen. more »»

Limits could save lives of teens

October 24, 2013 Nearly one in five traffic accidents in Ohio involves a teenage driver. Thirteen percent of the fatal crashes include teen motorists. more »»

Focus will be on growth, not cuts

October 23, 2013 The federal government estimates it will collect almost $3 trillion in revenue for the current fiscal year, which is to end Sept. 30. Yet, $3 trillion apparently won’t be enough. more »»

Clever moves weaken the rules

October 22, 2013 No clever way to summarize what happened Monday immediately is apparent. “A switch in two saves ... Medicaid expansion” is even farther away from rhyming than “A switch in time saved nine. more »»

No win in battle over the budget

October 21, 2013 Surveys show people approve of their own congressman but disapprove of Congress in general have come home to roost. more »»

Family-friendly spooky activities appear

October 19, 2013 Remember when Halloween was a scary good time? When children dressed in costume and collected candy door to door? Despite the plethora of horror flicks such as “Halloween the 13th Part X” or “Zombie... more »»

Default delayed; disaster yet looms

October 18, 2013 The default disaster has been delayed. Now, Congress and the White House can focus on immigration reform, a farm bill — oh, yeah, and a budget. more »»

Budget measure literally buys time

October 17, 2013 The skies cleared, the seas parted, and Wednesday our leaders came down from Capitol Hill with a plan to postpone potential fiscal Armageddon. Investors rejoiced. Grea. more »»

Election proposal should not limit choices

October 16, 2013 As a partial government shutdown enters its third week, partisan rancor intensifies. Default looms. Polls finds voters are fed up with members of both major political parties. more »»

Reject Kasich’s plan for end run

October 15, 2013 President Barack Obama has rightly come under fire for his practice of bypassing Congress on critical issues that should be decided by the legislative branch of government. Now, it appears Ohio Gov. more »»

It’s time to start dealing with debt

October 14, 2013 A few thoughts on the shutdown of the federal government: First off, we agree something has to be done beyond extending the debt limit every six months or once a year to avert the United States... more »»

Base decisions on science

October 11, 2013 Gas and oil drilling do not appear to cause anywhere near the environmental damage some activists claim. more »»

Petition drive lost support of public

October 10, 2013 Despite a well-funded campaign, with much of the money coming from out of state, backers of a referendum to allow Internet sweepstakes cafes in Ohio lost their battle last week. more »»

Assemble in peace; 25 people or fewer

October 9, 2013 We discovered this week that the right of the people peaceably to assemble trumps the closure of national monuments and parks due to a lack of funds. more »»

Common sense may have been shut down, too

October 7, 2013 Part of the reason so many Americans are fed up with government in general is that too often, bureaucrats display a complete lack of common sense. During World War II, Joe McGrain of Rochester, N.. more »»

Auditor should look into fraud in program

October 4, 2013 When Congress approved President Barack Obama’s $787 billion “stimulus” package in 2009, we worried it would be an open invitation to fraud and waste. more »»



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