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Base decisions on science

October 11, 2013 Gas and oil drilling do not appear to cause anywhere near the environmental damage some activists claim. more »»

Petition drive lost support of public

October 10, 2013 Despite a well-funded campaign, with much of the money coming from out of state, backers of a referendum to allow Internet sweepstakes cafes in Ohio lost their battle last week. more »»

Assemble in peace; 25 people or fewer

October 9, 2013 We discovered this week that the right of the people peaceably to assemble trumps the closure of national monuments and parks due to a lack of funds. more »»

Common sense may have been shut down, too

October 7, 2013 Part of the reason so many Americans are fed up with government in general is that too often, bureaucrats display a complete lack of common sense. During World War II, Joe McGrain of Rochester, N.. more »»

Auditor should look into fraud in program

October 4, 2013 When Congress approved President Barack Obama’s $787 billion “stimulus” package in 2009, we worried it would be an open invitation to fraud and waste. more »»

Federal deficit being covered by taxes

October 3, 2013 In arguing for bigger government, including the national health insurance takeover, President Barack Obama is being more than a little dishonest. more »»

Ready or not, you will have to comply

October 2, 2013 Admissions from President Barak Obama’s administration that it isn’t really ready to roll out the new national health insurance program have become regular occurrences. By Ja. more »»

‘Ask the Expert’ about breast cancer Oct. 15

October 1, 2013 Readers of our print edition undoubtedly noticed the unusual hue on today’s pages. It’s our way of joining the national breast cancer awareness campaign in October. more »»

Keep pension program solvent in long term

September 30, 2013 A few years ago, Ohio officials began facing up to the reality of severely underfunded public employee pension programs. more »»

Hats off

September 28, 2013 Thanks for caring — and for sharing Overcoming an addiction can be a tough, ongoing battle, according to those who are winning the fight. more »»

Rethink policies for zero tolerance

September 27, 2013 A local school teacher or principal suggesting a 6-year-old girl be expelled for bringing her mother’s nail clippers to class probably would draw laughter. more »»

State leaders should revisit cafe issue

September 25, 2013 A referendum on a state law that essentially bans Internet sweepstakes parlors might not be on the fall ballot. more »»

Trouble ahead? Just wait (not you, Congress)

September 24, 2013 It’s crunch time in Washington. One week from today, the federal fiscal year begins, again without a budget. more »»

Use DNA to clear cold cases

September 23, 2013 Throughout Ohio, rapists who may have thought for years they had gotten away with their vicious crimes are learning otherwise. more »»

A pause to reflect at the fest

September 20, 2013 After the tragedy Sunday that cast a pall over the entire week, some of our neighbors may not be in the mood for activities related to the Tiffin-Seneca Heritage Festival. more »»

Candidate to begin race for governor tonight in Tiffin

September 19, 2013 A candidate for governor of Ohio is to launch his campaign tonight in Tiffin. more »»

Just take cheating seriously

September 18, 2013 Perhaps Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation investigators ought to take their “show” on the road — to Washington. more »»

Are you prepared for a fire at home?

September 17, 2013 In a testament to the finer qualities of our readers, tragic news such the fatal house fire Sunday draws a tandem of responses. The first response is one of shock mixed with sadness. more »»

Mandel should require special probe

September 16, 2013 Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel is right to have begun a thorough investigation of investments made under his predecessor from 2009 through 2010. more »»

Plan just might avoid war

September 13, 2013 Perhaps the best thing for members of Congress and President Barack Obama’s administration to do about Syria would be for everyone to take a deep breath, step away from the microphones and think... more »»



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