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The Idiot Responds

November 9, 2011 - Al Stephenson
In my blog of 10/30/11 I wrote about conference realignment that is taking place by universities around the nation. I suggested several reasons for the shuffle with the main gist of my argument suggesting that money was the primary factor in all the movement. Apparently one of my readers did not like my take on the situation as the first sentence of his criticism went like this. "You sir, are an idiot."

Now I have been called an idiot before so it did not come as a shock to me. I have a brother who is three years older than I and he used that very term in referring to me on more than one occasion while we were growing up. In fact, one of my favorite stories about my youth involved my brother and the use of the term idiot. My brother is on the north side of 6 ft. and 300 pounds, so when I refer to him as my big bother I am not kidding.

I was playing in a high school basketball and threw the ball away on a fast break. I (and I'm guessing everyone else in the gym) heard a booming voice from the stands shout "you idiot." It was my big brother, who has always felt the need to let me know how he feels though it was said (I think) in a respectful way. Well a few minutes later I must have made another mistake and a student sitting in front of my brother felt compelled to yell,"Stephenson, you idiot!" Soon there was a big hand on the young man's shoulder.

When he turned slowly around my brother looked him square in the eye and said, "you can't call him that." The guy responded with, "you just did." To which my brother said, "he's my brother, I can call him anything I want - you can't." My brother could be critical of me, but he was not overly accepting of others who were.

If there is a moral to this story, it might be that my reader has the right to call me what he wants. He might also want to check on the whereabouts of my brother before he does so.

My reader, who used the handle of DeathtotheBCS, did not like the fact that I said TCU and Boise St. were in part to blame for the shuffle because their football teams were too good. Not being in a conference that received an automatic bid to a BCS bowl game, the two schools looked to move to a bigger conference where they would have a better shot at a big pay day as well as a chance at the national title. In fact B.S. (DeathtotheBCS is too long so I shortened it) suggested that to blame either TCU or Boise St. for the shuffle was just plain ignorant. Ouch, he got me again.

B.S. went on to say that ESPN and the Longhorn Network were more to blame than any individual school. All right let's start with ESPN. The sports network has a lot of say on what goes on in college athletics because they pay big bucks (that word money again) to schools to broadcast the games that we, the fans, want to see. How else do you explain why Toledo's Rockets have appeared the last two Tuesdays in games that were very entertaining for the lover of points in college football. A 63-60 loss was followed by a 66-63 win. Defensive coaches were aghast, but fans thought it was great and ESPN's message to MAC schools that if they would play during the early to middle part of the week that they could be on national television semed to be a good fit. ESPN exerting control over college football? You bet. Causing conference realignment? A factor perhaps, but no more than TCU and Boise St. wanting a bigger payout!

As for the Longhorn Network, the University of Texas has ruffled the feathers of other Big 12 schools and yes those schools have talked about leaving or already have left because Texas does not want to share revenues. If wanting to get away from Texas' arrogance was the paramount reason for conference shuffling then how does TCU shunning the Big East (after agreeing to join) to hook up with the Big 12 make any sense. Perhaps TCU was concerned about travel costs to play in the Big East. Now they will have to deal with that Longhorn Network that B.S. seems to think started this nonsense.

The view from my seat would suggest that B.S. has valid points, but then again I believe that I do too. This idiot is not totally ignorant.

By the way B.S., if you want to use your real name I would gladly call you by that name. After all you did call me sir!


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