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Snowy Days

December 14, 2010 - Janet DelTurco
The snow looks very beautiful with the sun shining on it, but I'd just as soon it would melt away. Not much hope of that with the frigid temperatures. With plenty of time to look out of the window, I saw something I could hardly believe this morning. I have a bird feeder right outside the dining room window, installed there this fall while I was in bed there after my surgery. I have witnessed many scuffles between squirrels and birds there, often refereed by my dog Penny who climbs on any furniture within reach, including the dining room table, and barks her disgust at the invaders. But this morning was the best. A scraggly, small squirrel jumped onto the feeder from the neighboring evergreen, and evidently wanted a larger portion of the bird seed block I keep in there than he was able to extract through the bars. He has to hang upside down to get any seed, and it is a slow process. So this morning he tried a different tack. While I watched, he attacked the twist tie that secured the door of the seed holder, and worked on it until he actually got the door open. I would not have believed it if I had not watched the whole process. As the door swung open, he let the seed block fall to the ground, and now he can just sit comfortably down there and chow down. Now I will have to get another block, and dig out some good wire to keep that door shut. All the plants in the house are still doing well at this time. My mandevilla is just inside the front door, climbing up the six-foot cactus, and has buds. Eventually the two will have to be separated, and that will be quite a job, considering the thorns. Every time the door opens there is a blast of cold air, and I did not really expect the mandevilla to survive, but against all odds it is flourishing. I have a New Guinea impatiens in a container hanging in the kitchen window, with 12 flowers blooming this morning. The pink blossoms do not look well with the Christmas decor, but there it is. The indoor fairy garden which takes up half my desk is doing well too, along with aqssorted herbs, so there is plenty of gardening to be done inside right now.


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