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HU-JCU updates

September 26, 2009 - Zach Baker

First Quarter

Neither team scores on their first drives, though Andrew Miller does complete a 44-yard pass to Mike Preston. Heidelberg gets the ball to John Carroll's 28, but Jesse Hawkins' 45-yard field goal sailed wide right. JCU is driving... (6:47). 

- Jeff Javorek swings a screen pass to DaQuan Grobsmith. Grobsmith makes some nifty moves and scores a 14-yard TD at 6:01. It was a 9-play, 72 yard drive. HU's defense didn't look too good there.

JCU 7, Heidelberg 0

-Running back Kenny Sims is back, rushing for four yards and setting up a third and six, where Miller finds Preston at midfield. Preston has added some polish this year, and he looks fantastic so far.

With the help of a face mask on the Streaks, HU moves inside the 20. The Princes have really struggled to run the ball in the first two weeks, but the addition of Sims adds a nice counter punch to Jemar Lewis. Lewis is a power guy, while Sims is a guy who uses great speed.

On a third and long, Miller runs to the 13. Fourth down, here comes Hawkins. Field goal is blocked. I just saw this. Michael O'Neil picks it up and runs it back to the HU 43. TU also had a kick blocked today and a big returns. A personal foul at the end of the play moves the ball to the 28. (1:28)

Javorek connects on another 14-yard TD, and it was all feel. Javorek got pressure and swung a pass right to Frank Ross. Ross fought off a tackle attempt and dove into the end zone. Not a good start, because Javorek looks great, as does the JCU offense. (:33)

John Carroll 14, Heidelberg 0.

 End of First Quarter

Heidelberg goes three and out, forcing a punt from the end zone. And there's a delay of game. And the snap goes over Tommy Kobus' head for a safety. This is getting really, really ugly. (14:46)

John Carroll 16, Heidelberg 0

JCU goes three-and-out, (13:23)

- HU pulls a Denver Bronco play. Mitch White catches a deflected pass and heads 64 yards to the JCU 10 (12:54). Lewis barrels in on the next play. Hawkins kick makes it 16-7 (12:48)

OK, apparently the ball went through Preston's hands and right into White's on the 64-yard play.

-A big completion from Javorek to Chris Esparza puts JCU at the 14. But Javorek's pass to the left corner is picked off by Travis Coates. Touchback. (9:25)

-Heidelberg goes three-and-out (8:55)

John Carroll drives the ball inside the HU 25, but penalties stall the drive -- an offensive pass interference moves JCU out of field goal range, and it has to punt (2:11)

-HU pinned inside its 5 off a punt, goes nowhere and punts. JCU gets the ball at HU's 39. (1:41)

On a third and long with about a half-minute left, Javorek screens it to Esparz, who angles into the end zone from 11 yards out.

John Carroll 23, Heidelberg 7 (:31)  

A long play action from Miller to Preston picks up major yardage, and a personal foul moves the ball to John Carroll's 8. (:15)

Kenny Sims bursts in with 10 seconds left. Two touchdown drives, two two-play drives. A two-point conversion attempt fails.

John Carroll 23, Heidelberg 13.

 Heidelberg's offense has one thing going for it: It can score from any point on the field. But, there's a problem to that. The defense keeps running out there, and JCU drives the ball and can wear it down.

End of first half.

Third Quarter

Heidelberg takes the second half kickoff, and behind an effective running game of Jemar Lewis and Sims, goes to the JCU 5. On third down, Miller finds Clifton Powell. Finally, a time-consuming scoring drive.

JCU 23, Heidelberg 20 (9:16)

Despite the break, HU's defense still is getting beat down the field. Javorek has a lot of poise, and he leads another drive into Princes' territory.On third and 12, HU's sideline is going crazy. Javorek's pass is incomplete, which should set up a punt from the 35.

And JCU pins Heidelberg inside the 5 for the second timje tonight. Punter Karl Roshong is having a night to remember. (7:43)

HU gets a first down, then Cobus punts from the 18. Ross returns the ball past midfield for the Streaks. (5:18)

Javorek playfakes and runs inside the HU 18. JCU's Grobesmith runs it to the 1. Second down and 1 from the 1. This time, Grobesmith makes it in... Though the refs are conferencing. They re-play it, and Kenneth Owens powers in. (3:59)

John Carroll 30, Heidelberg 20.

 Matt Wilde returns the ensuing kickoff to the JCU 1, but an illegal block is called, and Heidelberg starts at the 7. Its own 7. Talk about reversal in fortune. (3:22)

Heidelberg gets a first down, then punts from its 14. (1:33)

-JCU takes over at its 48. John Carroll is winning the field position, but a good deal. (1:24)

End of third quarter

Fourth Quarter

Again, JCU drives, but Javorek is intercepted by Seneca East graduate Jared Ruffing, and returned to the HU 45 (12:44).

No matter who wins, this game hasn't been an artistic success. The teams have combined for 18 penalties and 165 yards. (11:42).

Heidelberg goes three-and-out. After a punt, JCU takes over on the 18. (11:22)

-John Carroll punts, Heidelberg takes over at its 48, (10:16)

-HU goes three and out, and Miller quick kicks. JCU starts inside its 20. Give John Carroll's defense credit. Heidelberg has some big gains, but overall, it has done a good job defending the pass (6:52).

John Carroll has picked up a few first downs, getting to midfield. It's not looking good for Heidelberg (4:08)



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