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TU-Ashland updates

September 19, 2009 - Zach Baker

Four minutes into this one, and Ashland led, 14-0. The Eagles drove down on their first drive and scored, the Nate Scully's first pass of the day was intercepted.

In the last two weeks, the Dragons have been outscored 79-0.

Behind a couple of big runs from Scully, TU drives to the AU 20. But Alvin McKnight's rush on fourth and 1 is stopped for no gain. (7:29).

Quarterbacks have to love stuff like this. On third and 5 from the 25, quarterback Billy Cundiff tosses a screen pass to his right, barely a forward pass, to Carlin Ises. Isis busts through the TU defense and goes 75 yards for another TD (6:27).

Ashland 21, Tiffin 0

Finally, some good news for the TU defense, as freshman linebacker Tyrone Richardson picks off a bobbled pass, thwarting what appeared to be another Ashland scoring drive. TU's offense moves the ball into Eagle territory for the second time. Scully looks decent, except for a bad pass-- his first one.

Scully makes an outsnding read, throwing a screen to Chris Ivory while being blitzed by the linebacker. Ivory escapes down the left sideline, and is pushed out at the Ashland 1.

First and goal as the first quarter ends.

Second quarter

Brett Keopp barrels in from the 1. Boris Bede kicks an extra point (!). 14:57

Ashland 21, Tiffin 7

UPDATE: Heidelberg trails, 14-0, early in second quarter.

 On third and 8, Cundiff scrambles for a first down. Momentum stays wil Ashland. 12:38.

TU makes a third down stop, but with the ball at the TU 35, Cundiff and Co. stay on the field. Big play here. Talk about confidence.

Courtney Embry does a great job breaking up a Cundiff pass. Here we go. (10:15)

42-yard run by Ivory puts TU at the AU 17. Pass to Raspberry moves it to the 4. A score here shakes everything up.

UPDATE: Capital leads Heidelberg 21-3.

Third and goal from inside the 4. Rush by Ivory gey y is in the shotgun, finds David Singleotnts to the 2. Fourth down. Scully finds Dave Singleton. The throw is there, but the converted QB drops it.

So Ashland takes over at the 2, and provides the easiest 98-yard TD drive you will ever see. The final play is a 45-yard pass from Cundiff to Christian Livingston. That might be the end of this one.

TU goes three and out, but worse news is Chris Ivory getting hurt after a pileup. It's a leg injury, and bad enough that they need to bring out the ambulence. Alvin McKnight and linemen Noah Tanner were staying with their teammate as he the latter was worked on.

Ivory might be TU's most explosive player, and he was having a great game. It's the unfortunate part of football. Thoughts and prayers go out to Chris and his family. (2:27).

UPDATE: HU trails, 21-10 at Capital

A beautiful Bede punt is out of bounds at the 3. AU goes 3-and-out, but TU doesn't burn its final timeout. The AU punt is downed at the TU 40, but Scully goes long to Trey Williams on the left side. Williams comes down with it at the 12. Problem: 14 seconds left. Now Dragons burn last timeout. I hate second-guessing, but I don't know why TU didn't burn the timeout before the punt. And Scully is sacked, and time runs out.

TU shows some life, but that doesn't count for much when a team needs a win.


Third Quarter

Wow. TU gets the ball to start the half. On the first play of the half, Scully is flushed right, and throws across his body to the center of the field. The defensive back gambles and jumps for the pass, but it's too high, and goes right into the chest of Greg Raspberry. Raspberry turns and runs at least 40 yards (it was hard to tell ... I was on the sideline) and scores. 65 yard TD. Bede adds the PAT

Ashland 28, Tiffin 14 12:27.

Ashland answers. Cundiff to Joe Horn TD pass caps another scoring drive. 35-14 Ashland.

UPDATE: Capital leads Heidelberg, 27-10, in the third quarter.

Fourth quarter

Ashland adds a 30-yard field goal. 38-14 (13:29).

A member of TU's staff tells me that Ivory's injury looks like a fracture around the kneecap. An ACL injury also is possible. That's too bad for Ivory, a senior. It's also bad for the Dragons, who don't have many veterans that can play the way Ivory can.



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