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Heidelberg v. JCU updates

September 27, 2008 - Zach Baker

First quarter

-After JCU misses a field goal on its opening possession, Heidelberg drives 80 yards, with tough running from Kenny Sims and Jemar Lewis.

Andrew Miller throws a 19-yard TD pass to Dawond Roddy. Bad snap forces a missed PAT

Heidelberg 6, John Carroll 0 (3:57)

-JCU gets the ball back and starts going with the run. Marl Elsaesser is giving Heidelberg's defense all kinds of trouble. A pass from Mark Petruziello goes for decent yards, with a personal foul on Heidelberg added. But on a third and goal from the nine, Matt Grieves chases down Petruziellio at the 10.

Big play forces a field goal by Josiah Kedzior (27 yards). Berg bends but doesn't break for the second time.

Heidelberg 6, John Carroll 3 (1:28).

Prediction: If Heidelberg keeps a strong running game, it will win.

 -Heidelberg drive starts with a six-yard run by Tim Taylor. Good sign for the Princes.

- On a third and four, Miller hits Greg Tyson in the hands with an over-the middle pass. The ball was almost picked on the deflection. A great punt by Cory Hartfield, and a holding call on JCU sets the Streaks back at their six as the quarter ends.

End of first quarter

Heidelberg 6, John Carroll 3

Second quarter

  - JCU faces a third and two at its 9 ... First down completion by Petruziello.  A big completion to Bebere Sparks moves JCU close to midfield. Grieves sacks Petruziello. He's having a monster half. As soon as I write that, Grieves buries Petruziello for another sack. Geez. Third and 27 for JCU. And JCU completes a 29-yard pass to a wide open Frank Ross. Mike Hallett can't be happy with that.

JCU has another third down. At this point, anything is makeable. (8:33) This time Kevin Midgley sacks him. JCU punts, but Lucas Bauer, the returner, fumbles and the Streaks take over at the 9.

- Petruziello runs in a touchdown on first down. Turnovers nail Heidelberg again.

-John Carroll 10, Heidelberg 6 (7:31).

- Heidelberg drives past midfield with a couple of runs by Miller and a shovel pass to Adrian Balser (3:46).

Pair of penalties threaten to stall the drive. Miller faces a third and 8 at the JCU 44. Miller is pressured and has to throw it away, forcing a punt. JCU takes possession at its 11. (1:59)

-JCU goes three and out after another sack, this time by Vaughn Klein. Bauer fair catches at the Berg 48. (:42)

- Back-to-back drops make it third and 10. A reverse to Bauer goes for a short gain. Heidelberg should be leading this game. Instead, the Princes punt.


John Carroll 10, Heidelberg 6

Halftime thoughts: Berg defense is playing well, but the offense can't seem to get out of its own way. A number of dropped passes plagued Heidelberg.

Still, the turnover was the biggest play of the game. Without it, the Student Princes are probably leading. But Heidelberg has to put that behind it and know it can play with the Blue Streaks. 

Third Quarter

-Belser's excellent kickoff return sets up Heidelberg at the 40. Kenny Sims runs the ball three times and Heidelberg punts. Hmmm. (12:59)

Hartfield punt the ball inside the one. That's four on the season. Remarkable.

-JCU takes over. Think Grieves is liking his chops? Petruziello runs twice for a first down. A few plays and it's third and 8 at the 15. Huge play here for Heidelberg. A throw to Ross comes up just short, forcing a JCU punt. Bauer fumbles the punt again, but falls on it. A hold on Heidelberg puts the ball at the Berg 34. (10:22)

- Berg starts the half with a false start. It feels like I'm watching the Browns. Jemar Lewis breaks a 22 yard run, giving Heidelberg a first down just past midfield. Sims follows that with a seven yard run. Then there's a 17-yard slant to Mike Preston. Heidelberg is down to the 23. (8:42)

 A shovel pass to Lewis gains seven. Third and one. Lewis barrels to the one. First and goal at the one. Gulp. Remember last week? Lewis stuffed on first down. Miller throws the ball away on second down. So third and goal at the one.

On third down, Sims is stopped at the four. Here comes Jesse Hawkins for a field goal ... is good.

Heidelberg is leaving points on the board. The failed extra point is the difference right now. (5:07)

John Carroll 10, Heidelberg 9

- JCU starts at the at its own 35. Bebere Sparks takes a short pass to the Heidelberg 38. A Petruziello run goes to the 22. Another run takes it to the 10. (3:40)

A short completion to Sparks goes for a six-yard TD. Heidelberg wasn't able to stop JCU at all on that drive. Kick is good (2:34)

John Carroll 17, Heidelberg 9

 - Miller makes a throw across his body to Bauer, who makes a diving catch at Heidelberg's 40. But Heidelberg can't go any further, so Hartfield punt. (:17)

-Final from Detroit:

Wayne State 34, Tiffin 18

 -End of Third Quarter

John Carroll 17, Heidelberg 9

-John Carroll 17, Heidelberg 9. John Carroll converts a third and 15 with a screen to the 41. Two plays later it's third and 9. Petruziello completes for a first down to Ross into Heidelberg territory. Again, Heidelberg makes back-to-back solid plays, but can't finish off the possession.

Third and three at the 38. This time, Klein lunges at him and sacks him. The pressure has been really good today. One of the JCU players is called for unsportsmanlike conduct, so JCU punts from its own territory. Bauer makes a nice return, taking the ball to Heidelberg's 26 (10:56).

-Heidelberg driving thanks to some big third down completions to Preston. Heidelberg drives to the JCU 32 (6:22). Third and 10. Miller avoids a pair of sacks, buys time and finds Bauer on the left side at the 18. Brilliant. (5:16).

Back-to-back incompletions make it third and 10. I think we've been here before. Probably 4-down territory. Roddy takes a shot to end all shots, but stays on his feet for three. Fourth and six (4:36).

Miller finds Bauer over the middle at the seven. This kid is gritty. First and goal.Lewis drives to the five. (3:46).

Miller overthrows Roddy in the end zone. Third and goal. (3:18) Heidelberg takes a timeout. Two left. Two plays to get it in the end zone. Even should Heidelberg be stopped, the game isn't over if Heidelberg can get a stop.

Quick pass to Bauer. Touchdown. Two-pointer coming up ...Miller rolls right, flips at the goal line, and the ref rules he comes up just short of the line. (3:13).

JCU 17, Heidelberg 15.



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