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No one stopped to help

September 30, 2013 - Rob Weaver
Sixty-year-old Wayne Smith took a nasty fall Monday afternoon. He blamed himself for tripping and injuring his face and an arm, but was disheartened by what happened next.


Smith said he had been walking in the 500 block of North Sandusky Street about 1:30 p.m. when he slipped and fell against a pipe sticking out of the ground. With his jaw hurt and arm bloodied, he said the incident left him dazed for a few moments.

That's when he noticed a car drive by. The another. He estimated 30 drivers went past a visibly injured man, but not one asked if he needed help.

“I think at least one car would have stopped to help me.” he said about a half-hour later.

I can't believe no one noticed him. Perhaps some passersby were unnerved, even alarmed, by the sight of a bloodied man alongside the road. Yet apparently his plight went unreported.

Maybe folks are so focused on their commute that they failed to see an injured pedestrian along the street.

Or maybe people just didn't want to get involved.


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Oct-01-13 11:40 AM

I, too, am very sorry no one helped you. I would have stopped and offered help, a ride, something. Maybe its possible that no one saw you, especially with the traffic in that area, they might have been watching the road. However, Patty is right, its also a sign of the times. But Tiffin residents have always gone above and beyond, lets just hope it was that they didn't see you! Val H

Oct-01-13 1:51 AM

Mr. Smith, I am so sorry to hear of your fall. I can tell you from my heart that if I would have driven/or walked by and saw that you needed help, I would have stopped to help you with out a second thought. I feel horrible for you that no one passing by had the decency to stop and check on you. This world we live in now unfortunately has lost compassion and respect for our fellow neighbors. I raised my daughters to be respectful of their elders and to help someone in need. To this day they will still hold the door for someone young or elderly. We all need to take a look in our hearts and regain that respect and compassion that our parents instilled in us as children. Maybe someday one of the people who drove by and saw you on ground will need help just like you did. I hope they pray that the people going by will not ignore them like they did you and leave them helpless. I hope you are feeling better. Again, I am sorry that you had to experience this. Sincerely Patty Lonsbury


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