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Real Golf Fans?

June 18, 2013 - Al Stephenson
I suspected there would be some crude comments from the fans at the U.S. Open. The famed Merion Golf Club is located outside of Philadelphia and Philly sports fans have a bit of a reputation. That will happen when you boo Santa Clause.

Sergio Garcia would be the target of some "fans" after his little dustup with Tiger Woods. You just knew that he would take abuse, some mild and some downright mean. A few attempted to be funny and I must admit that the "I ate the bones" line was rather cute. Others were cruel and I have to wonder what makes people spew invective. Is is their desire to have their fifteen minutes of fame on TV be it visually or verbally? Is it their belief that buying a ticket allows you to utter whatever comes to mind regardless of the situation, cirmcumstances or possible consequences?

Perhaps I will never know why people act the way they do while donning the label of sports fan. To be sure Philadelphians are no worse than people elsewhere. Real golf fans for the most part are well behaved and respectful, but there's always the handful of knuckleheads that make me just shake my head. It has gotten real old for example, to hear someone yell "get in the hole" after tee shots on a par 5. The idiots try to time their scream to occur just after the ball has been struck. A little early and the shot can be affected. The yell itself is moronic so my suggestion is that people should quit doing it.

The view from my seat would also suggest that before a fan resorts to lunacy he should keep a couple of old adages in mind. First - there is a difference between what you have the right to do and what is the right thing to do. Second - it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!


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Jun-22-13 1:48 PM

Let's not forget baseball fans who get up from their seats in the middle of an at bat. Or the ones who feel the need to return to their seat on a 3-2 count. Or even bigger boneheads that have seats at the other end of the row, but are too lazy or stupid to walk back down the concourse and up the correct aisle.....Those are the ones you want to see the foul ball hit so you can bend over and pick it up!!!!


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