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NFL Picks, week 1

September 5, 2012 - Zach Baker

Cowboys at Giants

Zach's Pick: Giants.

Zach's thought: Watching Rob Ryan explode on officials used to be entertaining. Now it's tiresome, much like his boasts about his greatness despite much to back them up.

Sunday Eagles at Browns

Zach's Pick: Eagles

Zach's thought: It's expected that Trent Richardson will play, but I doubt the Browns will want to run him 20-25 times, and that may be what's needed to pass this test from a veteran Eagles team.

Rams at Lions

Zach's Pick: Lions

Zach's Thought: Jeff Fisher has a new team, but same 1986 haircut. So there's that.

Colts at Bears

Zach's Pick: Bears

Zach's Thought: Wouldn't be shocked if this goes the other way. Andrew Luck is a game-changer.

Patriots at Titans

Zach's Pick: Patriots

Zach's Thought: Titans WR Nate Washington is entering his eighth NFL season. When I wrote my first story about him, he was a rookie on the Steelers' practice squad. I feel old.

Atlanta at Kansas City:

Zach's Pick: Atlanta

Zach's Thought: I'm convinced the Browns wouldn't be any worse off if Romeo Crennel was still the head coach. Now in Kansas City, he has a big task ahead of him to make things work.

Jacksonville at Minnesota

Zach's Pick: Jacksonville.

Zach's Thought: The Jaguars win the "owner with best moustache," and the game.

Washington at New Orleans

Zach's Pick: New Orleans

Zach's Thought: The Redskins have been stuck in mediocrity since Joe Gibbs called it a career for the second time. RGIII won't change that much.

Buffalo at Jets

Zach's Pick: Jets

Zach's Thought: Maybe the Bills will start great again then fizzle. I know the feeling, sort of. Browns never start great, but do fizzle.

Miami at Houston

Zach's Pick: Houston.

Zach's thought: Rookie QB against that defense in week one something less than promising.

San Francisco at Green Bay

Zach's Pick: Green Bay.

Zach's thought: Part of me believes the 49ers will implode under high expectations.

Seattle at Arizona

Zach's Pick: Arizona.

Zach's thought: Seattle...ugliest uniforms I've seen.

Carolina at Tampa Bay

Zach's Pick: Tampa Bay

Zach's thought: New coach can make a big difference in first week.

Pittsburgh at Denver

Zach's Pick: Denver

Zach's thought: Peyton's got something to prove.

Monday Cincinnati at Baltimore

Zach's pick: Baltimore.

Zach's Thought: Cincinnati's Dalton vs. an old Ravens defense makes this close to a push.

San Diego at Oakland

Zach's Pick: San Diego

Zach's thought: Yeah, Pryor was so worth a third rounder.



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