League wants voters to get informed before election

It is always best to be prepared when you go to the polls to vote. Know the offices, those running for those offices and the issues. Remember, the primary election is a political party election to select party officials and nominate candidates who will run in the general election. In addition to the Democratic and Republican parties that have candidates for most offices, the Green Party and the Libertarian Party also have candidates for state-level offices.

There are several write-in candidates standing for election in the primary this spring. Probably the race of most interest to Democratic and Republican parties is the race for the 88th District because both parties have write-in candidates.

There is information and there are rules that cover voting for a write-in candidate.

First, for the 88th District, there is only one write-in candidate for the Democratic primary, with no other candidates. There are three write-in candidates for the Republican primary, with no other candidates. If you wish to vote for a write-in candidate and aren’t sure about the name, you may request a list of the write-in candidates for your party. The poll workers will let you look at the list; it will not be posted and it is to be returned to the poll worker.

You must vote for only the names that appear on the list. No other names will be counted.

Be sure to spell the name correctly. If you make a small mistake, your vote probably will be counted, but only if your intent is obvious.

When you vote for a write-in candidate, you must write the name on the line provided on the ballot. Even if there is more than one write-in candidate for an office, only one line will be on the ballot. After you write in the name of your choice, you must fill in the oval at the end of the line.

Other offices up for election this year are 4th District congressman, governor/lieutenant governor, attorney general, auditor of state, secretary of state, treasurer of state, 88th District state representative, two supreme court justices, District 3 appeals court judge, one county commissioner, county auditor, juvenile/probate judge, member of the state central committee – a man and a woman for both parties – and Republican county central committee persons.

Other write-in candidates for offices include Green Party for governor, Libertarian Party for secretary of state and state auditor, Democratic Party for U.S. congressman 4th District and Republican Party for county central committee.

There will be one state constitutional amendment on the ballot concerning funding of public infrastructure capital improvements by permitting the issuance of general obligation bonds.

Local issues in our immediate area include school district levy renewals for Mohawk, Hopewell-Loudon and Tiffin City schools. Arcadia and Carey school districts have 1 percent income tax issues for their districts. Bloomvile village has a 1.5 mill levy renewal for police protection and Attica village has a 3 mill replacement for police protection.

To help voters learn the offices, candidates and issues for our area, the Tiffin League of Women Voters has assembled a voter guide that is available at the Board of Elections and the Tiffin-Seneca Library. This year, for the first time, this information will be on the League’s Facebook page and at www.lwvoftiffin.org.

Be an informed voter and vote May 6.