Needed: Bravery, not attempts to silence religion

The paper recently reported a student at Columbian, when offended by teacher participation in and principal support of a “See You at the Pole” event, contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation to voice opposition to that involvement.

While I fully acknowledge the teacher, by current law, should not have led prayer at Take it to the Pole, I do take issue with the student’s complaint. God has effectively been banned from public school; the prayers of one teacher at one event, in my opinion, do not warrant such a complaint.

Consider the following:

A report recently came out of New York City that a 17-year-old girl, while visiting a Victoria Secret store, was stopped by police for suspected shoplifting. When officers checked the girl’s belongings, they found a dead baby in one of her shopping bags. Details surrounding the death of the baby remain unclear, including whether the teen killed the baby after it was born.

Heartbeat/Hope Clinic, a non-profit organization centered around meeting the needs of girls and women in distressed pregnancies, is in the process of opening a location in Tiffin. A Heartbeat representative stated the location for the new office would be walking distance from Tiffin University, Heidelberg University, Columbian and Calvert, to best serve the needs of young women who become pregnant and seek support. I applaud Heartbeat’s service to the community; I grieve that such services are necessary.

Current statistics state that one in three children in the United States live in a home without the biological father. The family unit is declining, and our country is reaping the effects of a moral decline in which any behavior, action, or belief is acceptable and applauded.

Maybe what is needed, instead of the legal overshadowing of groups such as the Freedom from Religion Foundation, is a return to our nation’s Christian founding. Maybe, instead of banning outspoken faith, God’s grace should be allowed to shine and heal. Maybe, instead of finding dead babies in bags and teenagers who are abortion-minded, children should be born to a mother and father who are ready to support and raise them. Maybe what is needed are more brave teachers such as Columbian’s Jeanette Marshall and fewer petty attempts to silence religion on the soapbox of political correctness.