Stop the insanity

What in the world are the Democrats doing? What must our president do after a three-year investigation which was carried out by people who do not like him? It proved he is not guilty of any crime. They want to keep stirring the pot till the 2020 elections because they have no other agenda to offer the voters. I have been on Earth over 80 years and have never witnessed this in national politics. What ever happened to cooperation?

The liberals say the president obstructed. What do you think they are doing? When is this insanity going to end? We have wasted millions of dollars on a false narrative and paid our elected officials for doing nothing they were elected to do. When I hear Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speak, it sounds like they would like this country to be communist. This cannot happen. It would spoil everything this country has worked for as a democracy since it was consummated. It is the most successful form of government ever organized. Now we have a party (liberals) who want to change our form of government that is free choice in many ways to one that controls every aspect of our life. They want to raise taxes on everyone and everything to collect enough money to accomplish their crazy, wild ideas. It sounds nice, but will destroy everything we have worked for. Why change what works just when we have a president who is working to make America great again (with a little help from our elected politicians).

James A. Somers,