How time has changed

Some years ago, I thought I would like to get into politics. There was an election coming in Tiffin for Third Ward councilman.

I looked into a possible run for that office. I had been a Democrat from the time I was old enough to vote. I ran in the primary and general election and won. I was elated to have won and would now represent Tiffin’s Thirrd Ward as a councilman. I served on council for 10 years and found the local party affiliate to be very honest and dedicated to the people of Tiffin.

Up until 2016, I had been proud to be a Democrat. Wow, what happened to the party over the last few years? The party I once respected and was proud of has changed. Most of them have become so angry and singleminded all they want is to obstruct and be negative. Their only accomplished goals are to obstruct our president, instead of working for their districts. They want to dig up anything they can to unseat our Republican president. They have not accomplished anything in the last two years.

They now are working on the presidential election, which is two years away. I don’t think that is why they were elected. We also have a lot of Republicans that have joined their ranks. Both parties were elected to work together. You can’t accomplish anything with that kind of program. All of these investigations are costing millions of dollars and will probably come to a dead end. I think we should invest in practical ideas and quit fighting and work together. Where is the leadership in both parties? With the dissension and hate, this country will not survive.

So, elected officials, wake up and do your job or quit.

James A. Somers,