Tribute to Law Enforcement

What a wonderful and humble Sunday afternoon I spent with “Shop with the Cops” day. I want to say “good job” for all the love and caring that was given to all the darling kids and their families.

Law enforcement throughout the community went above and beyond. I want to say the kids from Sentinel were wonderful. It did my heart good to see them sitting down with the little kids color with them or just talking to them. You should feel proud of yourselves. Good job!

I am a volunteer that helps with the refreshments, a day that gives me such pleasure. I look forward to the phone call that asks me to help that day, one day I wouldn’t miss for anything. My husband was on the TPD and this day was the highlight of the year for him. It was such a joy to see the smiles and their faces light up with joy.

I feel so proud to wear my husband’s sweatshirt that says, “Shop with the Cops.”

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Nancy Steinmetz,